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According to a national review by The Associated Press, at least 30 states are sponsoring or are expected to introduce wage hike measures. As of Jan. 1, 2014, twenty-one states and Washington D.C. have minimum wage rates above the $7.25 federal minimum wage rate. Nineteen states, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands have minimum wage rates the same as the federal minimum wage. Four states and American Samoa have minimum wage rates below the federal minimum wage (therefore the federal minimum applies).  Five states have not established a state minimum wage.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Aspen Hospitality Industry Pays More Than $500,000 After Federal Wage Probe
The Aspen Skiing Co. and numerous other businesses in the Aspen-area hospitality industry have paid more than $500,000 to settle federal violations related to minimum wage and overtime compensation for employees after the companies were accused of using outdated federal wage guidelines.
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Hotel Lobbies Boast New Designs And Amenities To Encourage Guests To Hang Out
It's midafternoon at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, Va. Flattering sunlight floods the airy modern lobby. A few people linger over lunch or work together in hushed conversations. An employee tidies the already tidy bar. Subdued music emanates from strategically placed speakers.
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Doubletree Employees File Labor Complaints
Housekeepers and servers employed by the DoubleTree Suites in Santa Monica said during a rally Tuesday outside of the hotel that their bosses pile on so much work that they miss their breaks and they want state and city officials to investigate. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Study Finds 35% Pay Gap Between Female, Male Healthcare Executives
The study, conducted by the Diversified Search Healthcare Practice and the Women's Leadership Center and Kennesaw (Ga.) State University, examined the career experiences of C-suite leaders, vice president and directors at health systems hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities. Study participants included 157 female and 125 male leaders. 
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Health Care Organizations Under Siege From Cyberattacks, Study Says
A new study set to be officially released Wednesday found that networks and Internet-connected devices in places such as hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are under siege and in many cases have been infiltrated without their knowledge.
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Health-Care Jobs Are Getting Squeezed, Finally
Evidence is spreading that health-care costs are growing much more slowly than before. Now, it's not just a flattening in Medicare spending; the deceleration has spread to employment, too.
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10 Trends for Hospital, Health System Governance in 2014
A new report projects 10 governance trends for nonprofit hospitals and health systems in 2014.  The report was prepared by Michael Peregrine, JD, partner with McDermott Will & Emery in Chicago.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Nitty-Gritty On 6 Key Provisions Of Employer Mandate
The final rules - expressed across more than 200 pages - made plenty of headlines when they were released earlier this month. But what are the nitty-gritty details? What follows is a closer look at what the regulators had to say about six provisions with some of the greatest impact on the workplace:
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Managing Six Talented But Difficult Employee Types
Many of us got to our positions of leadership without a lot of mentoring. Now we're in a leadership role with people on staff looking up to us for direction and guidance. We know that we will be viewed partly on how well we develop talent - yet the most talented people on staff are sometimes also the most difficult people to manage.
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Job Hopping Is the New Normal. Is Your HR Department Ready?
Gone are the days when workers devoted 35 years to a company, then retired with a gold watch and a sizeable pension. In fact, the average employee holds a job for about 4.4 years before moving on and expects to stay at the next job for just three years, according to the most recent data Forbes reviewed from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The youngest employees stay only about half that time, meaning they could have as many as 15-20 jobs over the course of their careers. 
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Aon Hewitt Research: Employers Will Continue Sponsoring Health Benefits for Employees and Retirees, but Deliver Those Benefits in New Ways
According to Aon Hewitt's soon-to-be-released Health Care Survey of more than 1,230 employers covering more than 10 million employees, 95 percent of employers say they plan to continue providing health care benefits to active employees in the next three-to-five years. However, a growing number plan to move away from their traditional "managed trend" approach, which includes aggressively managing costs through vendor management and employee cost sharing. 
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