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The WageWatch 2014 survey of over 5,200 hotels nationwide disclosed planned pay raises for hourly employees and non-exempt salaried employees averaging 2.8% with a median of 3.0% and a mode of 3.0%. The annual survey completed on February 15, 2014, further disclosed that hotels are planning on the same level of pay raises for their salaried exempt employees, with a mean of 2.8%, median of 3.0% and a mode of 3.0%. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Breakfast Wars
More than ever before hotels are in the meal business. Which is an odd thing considering the select service hotel category was created in a large part to get rid of those pesky loss leaders such as F&B.
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"It's Against Company Policy": Words You Must Never Say To A Guest
Have you ever walked into a store or been a guest at hotel and had a problem that was "out of the ordinary"? Of course you have, it has happened to many of us. It may be that the store "sale" was over and you wanted to return a product for credit or your room was not exactly to your liking.  
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Sands Casino Website Displays Employees' Social Security Numbers in Hacking Incident
Hackers gained control of the official website for the Las Vegas Sands casino and took the opportunity to release the name, job title and social security numbers of the employees of the Sands' Bethlehem location. 
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For Workers On Bottom Rung, Wage Hike Could Make Big Difference
An ordinance soon to be introduced in the City Council is expected to require 87 large hotels to pay a $15.37-an-hour "living wage," nearly double California's current $8-an-hour minimum. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Low Health Job Growth Accompanies Low Health Spending Increase
The health care industry across the United States lost 400 jobs in January, and revised data for December showed a scant gain of 2,400 jobs, according to data gathered by the Ann Arbor-based Altarum Institute's Center for Sustainable Health Spending.
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As Health Care Shifts, U.S. Doctors Switch To Salaried Jobs

American physicians, worried about changes in the health care market, are streaming into salaried jobs with hospitals. Though the shift from private practice has been most pronounced in primary care, specialists are following.

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8 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2014
The upcoming year promises to be an eventful one for the healthcare industry as major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act transform the landscape for providers, payers and patients. Everyone involved in the healthcare value chain will see substantial industry shifts in 2014, according to a Health Affairs blog post 
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CIO Compensation: It's About More Than Money

Healthcare CIOs earn an average base salary of $208,417, according to a 2013 survey from the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.  Based on responses from 263 CHIME members, the survey provided insight into the factors that most affect a CIO's salary:

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Top Stories: Human Resources
Up In Arms Over Union 'Persuader' Rule
Business groups are fighting to stop an Obama administration regulation that would force companies to disclose when they employ legal consultants behind the scenes during union organizing campaigns.  The groups are up in arms about a forthcoming "persuader" rule from the Labor Department that they say could have a chilling effect on the legal world and scare firms away from representing them. 
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Like It Or Not, Employees Can Say What They Want On Social Media
When does a Facebook post change from a private comment to a public statement? When does a gripe about one's employment become a basis for termination? What rights do the employees have to say what's on their minds without retribution? The answer is not as simple as it may seem.  
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Whole Foods Hit With FCRA Class Action For Background Screening Process
One of the big trends we are following in 2014 is the deluge of FCRA-related employment background screening lawsuits. This week the trend continues.
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