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The U.S. lodging industry continued to experience strong increases in both salary and hourly wages last year. As reported by WageWatch in its PeerMark™ Wage Survey of over 4,900 hotels for 2013, wage and salary increases were reported as 2.7% for the year, which was comparable to the increases in 2012 of 2.6%, and twice the annual increase of 1.4% in 2011. There was no statistical difference in wage increases for limited or select service hotels and for full service hotels in the survey.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Top Workplaces, Large: 2. Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas remains one of the top places to work in the Las Vegas Valley in 2014.  The company ranked No. 2 in the large-company category, and employees tout it as a fun place to work that offers them opportunities to advance. They say they appreciate working for a company that cares about them and their health, and treats them like they are part of a larger family.
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NRA Economist Predicts Growth For Restaurant Industry
In a news release from the National Restaurant Association, Chief Economist Bruce Grindy offers his insights into 2013 job growth and his projections for 2014. Grindy noted that the last two years saw employment gains in the restaurant industry stay above 3 percent, and forecasts that pace of job creation to continue throughout this year.
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U.S. Travel Industry Sees Positive Employment Growth
The U.S. travel industry has returned to its pre-Great Recession employment level, while most of the economy still struggles to reach that mark, according to the latest U.S. Department of Labor figures released Friday.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Health Care and Hiring in Booms and Busts
Bin Appelbaum has an interesting piece on the impact of recent developments in the health care sector on the macro economy. It is widely agreed that the sector is bloated with inefficiencies, often characterized by extremely high costs for the same products and treatments that cost much less elsewhere in the world. 
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Report: Major Healthcare Data Breaches Up 138% Since 2012
Since 2009, the protected health information of more than 30 million Americans has been compromised in data breaches. Seven million records were exposed in 2013, 4 million of which were exposed in a single incident at Advocate Medical Group in Downers Grove, Ill. 
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Providers' Top 8 Innovation Priorities
A new survey from HIMSS and innovation accelerator AVIA reveals that while providers have numerous priorities when it comes to innovations, cutting costs is at the top of the list. The top areas for innovations included:
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Top Stories: Human Resources
The Shape Of 401k's To Come
What will your 401k look like in five years? Not the account balance -- that will be determined mainly by the size of your contributions and market performance -- but the plan itself. There's a good chance your employer will make some important changes over the next few years, as the industry ushers in changes aimed at getting you to save more - and do more planning for retirement.
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Experts: In 2020 Employees Will Be Deciding Their Health Benefits

By the end of the decade, the majority of American workers will be selecting their health benefits from an online menu of plans and paying for those benefits with a stipend from their employer, according to experts in the field.

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Thirty-Seven Ways To Motivate Your Employees
A good job is hard to find, but every entrepreneur knows a good employee is even harder to keep. As an entrepreneur, one must ensure his or her company is staffed with people who look forward to coming to work every day for more than a paycheck.
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