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In a world where multitasking and information overload are the norm, an old idea, Mindfulness, is becoming increasingly appealing to organizations who are effectively applying it to their businesses.  Mindfulness is training the mind to focus. Our ability to concentrate is seriously compromised the more we multitask. And technology, though useful to us in so many ways has actually impeded our ability to concentrate or to be mindful of what matters moment by moment.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Caesars's Vegas Casino Workers Approve Contract
Workers at Las Vegas Strip casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp. have approved a contract that preserves health benefits and adds new language to protect housekeepers from hazardous work conditions.
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Checking In To A Hotel With Just Your Smartphone?
If you can check-in for a flight and even produce a boarding pass from your smartphone, where else can your smartphone get you? The folks at Starwood Hotels think your smartphone should get you all the way to your room at its Aloft hotel chain. Aloft guests can now use their smartphones to check in to their room, and actually unlock the door.
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At Hilton Worldwide, Job Interviews Are Going Digital
Hilton Worldwide has revamped its talent strategy to rely heavily on digital video interviewing technology, a tactic the company says has helped it better evaluate candidates, cut interviewing costs and speed up hiring.
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Study: Hotel Websites Are The Most Mobile-Friendly
The hospitality industry is best at providing mobile-friendly websites, according to new research from Hibu, which provides digital marketing solutions and websites for businesses. The research shows 63 percent of websites by hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are good at attracting local customers researching services on the go via tablets or smartphones.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Current Physician Compensation Models Prevent Shift to Pay-for-Value
Although new physician compensation models promote pay-for-value, episodic bundles, and risk-adjusted bundles, physicians in non-solo practices are compensated using four methods: base salary, compensation based on personal productivity, compensation based on practice financial performance, and bonus based on factors other than personal productivity and practice financial performance. 
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Using Palliative Care To Save Health Care Dollars
"No Margin No Mission" was a common saying when I studied about non-profits in business school. No matter how good your intentions are, whether it be creating new systems to get people access to care or opening a new animal rescue, if it couldn't pay for itself it wasn't going to happen.
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Through The Looking Glass: Hot Trends In Life Sciences And Healthcare In 2014
The year 2014 promises to be an exciting time for those working in the life sciences and healthcare sector. This year, technologies and ideas that were once in the realm of science fiction will start to emerge as we push human ingenuity and creativity forward.
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The Great Pay Debate: 5 Hospital Executive Compensation Trends for 2014
This past July, what started as a regional issue and ballooned to a national issue ended as a nonissue.  The Santa Clara County (Calif.) Superior Court ruled a local ballot initiative from 2012 that would have capped the pay of executives at El Camino Hospital, a nonprofit, public hospital in Mountain View, Calif., was unconstitutional. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Ten Top Tips For Managing Change
When an organisation experiences strong growth whether organically or through acquisition, it can be tough to retain a culture that evolves and embraces everyone. Sue Murray, head of HR for HCM software provider Access Group, gives her 10 top tips for successfully managing change and engaging staff during these times.
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Cutting Spousal Benefits Might Not Save Firms Money After All
One of the latest trends for employers looking to save money on health care benefits is to cut back on coverage of their employees' spouses.
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5 Reasons You Should Smile More as a Leader
Several years ago, when I was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, I was presiding over our monthly business review meeting. One by one, each of our divisional managers would appear before the executive team and review their operating results for the previous month.
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Diversity Programs Increasingly Focus On Work Styles and Values, Study Reveals
Differences in work values and styles are now considered aspects of employer diversity programs, as they have gradually evolved from focusing strictly on demographics, according to a study released Jan. 23.
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