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Most economic predictions for 2014 are for overall growth, though still at a slow pace.  The cautious optimism has employers continuing to walk a fine line between fixed base salary budgets and remaining competitive in the labor market. Continued moderation in base salary increases creates pressure on companies to build more effective variable pay and non-financial reward programs.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Hotels: A Threat to Quick Service?
Consumer demand for more convenient, healthier foods has affected the quick-service industry for the last several years. Now the trend might be helping to create a new competitor for traditional quick-serve brands: hotels. 
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When Consultant-Driven Behaviors Backfire In Customer Service And Hospitality
I swear I wasn't looking for trouble. I was relaxing at the bar as a civilian, tonic water in one hand, itsy-bitsy iPad in the other, off duty (or so I intended) from my work as a hospitality and customer service consultant.
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Travelers Desire For Personalized Services Growing: IHG Survey
The expectations of 21st century travelers are evolving - and the standards expected of global hotel brands are high, according to new research published by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). In the past, the hospitality industry has traditionally focused on how to be 2D - global and local. This research shows that given the rapid rise of technology-enabled personalization travelers now want hotel brands that are 3D - global, local and personal.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
200 Statistics on Physician Compensation
Keeping track of compensation trends can help hospitals successfully attract physicians in order to expand and improve care. During the past year, some specialties saw notable increases in median compensation, while some of the highest paid specialties saw slight decreases in median base pay. 
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8 Ways Startups Are Changing The Healthcare Industry

Few industries stand to gain more from recent innovations in technology (and certain federal legislation) than healthcare.  In 2014 and beyond, consumers will finally start to benefit from some of the innovations that have been evolving over the past year, from 3D prosthetics to cutting-edge genetic testing.

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Silencing Many Hospital Alarms Leads To Better Health Care
Go into almost any hospital these days and you'll hear a constant stream of beeps and boops. To most people it sounds like medical Muzak.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
11 Companies Offering Health Care Benefits to Part-Time Workers
For the unemployed or employed who hope to secure company-sponsored health care, the good news is that certain companies offer that benefit to part-timers. 
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Minimum Wage Increase Bills Pushed In At Least 30 States
Minimum-wage increase proposals are getting the maximum push from Democrats in statehouses in more than half of U.S. states, highlighting the politically potent income inequality issue this year.
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How Do You Differentiate And Develop Talent Without Leaving Others Behind?

Whenever you differentiate based on performance (or perceived potential), and make the results public, it's inevitable that there will be resentment from those that did not come out on top towards those that did.  Some would argue that with the influx of the "everyone gets a trophy" generation, it's going to be even more of a challenge to differentiate. Yet when it comes to high potential programs, many of the experts are telling us that the benefits of transparency outweigh the potential backlash.

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Helping Managers Help Employees

If recent research from Towers Watson is any indication, many managers aren't providing their employees with the career support they need to thrive.  The New York-based professional-services firm's 2013-2014 Talent Management and Rewards Study found 37 percent of 321 companies saying their employees understand how theycan influence their own careers.

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