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As you return to the office in 2014, before you dive right in, take the opportunity to step back from the day to day duties, reflect on the year that just passed and start the new year with a new perspective.  Taking some time to plan your compensation calendar in the year ahead can help you stay organized, stay on task and focus on what is critical. Hopefully you have kept notes on compensation issues that occurred in the prior year, such as salary range or hiring issues for certain jobs, maybe a department has restructured and jobs have changed that could require new job descriptions, exempt status review and may call for a complete department salary structure review.  These are things you will need to attend to as you review your salary structure for 2014.   Taking stock and making a list of the issues and problems from the prior year is a good place to start for your 2014 compensation calendar.

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14 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2014
As technology is advancing rapidly, Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. With this in mind, the marketing team at Net Affinity have put together 14 Hotel Marketing trends for 2014 to keep you up to date with developments in Digital Marketing to help you get ahead of the curve with your digital marketing strategy.
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Forget Something? Your Hotel May Be Able To Help

Travelers can almost always expect to find shampoo, lotion, and Q-tips in their hotel rooms.  But at a number of hotels across the country, they can now ask for dental floss, hairspray, a night light, a waffle iron, or even jewelry.

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Vegas is back - And It's On A Winning Streak
The city is awash with luxury brands, high-end hotels and swish restaurants. Those abandoned construction projects are now shiny new properties. Downtown is alive with a cool, artsy spirit. The food and drink scene is deliciously vibrant and modern.
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The Hotel Minibar May Soon Be Extinct, Experts Say
A recent survey by the travel website TripAdvisor.com found that the hotel minibar was the least important amenity for U.S. travelers. Only 21% of travelers ranked the mini-bar as an important amenity, compared to 89% who called free in-room wireless Internet the most important.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
10 Challenges and Opportunities for Hospitals in 2014
It's not hard to develop a Chicken Little worldview if you work in healthcare, particularly if you're sitting in the hospital C-suite. If you don't catch yourself, it's easy to think the sky is falling, piece by piece, one day after the next.
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Health Care Workers Will Lead U.S. Job Gains To 2022
The retirement of aging Baby Boomers will reshape the job market over the next decade, leading to the smallest portion of Americans employed or looking for work since the mid-1970s, barely six in 10, a new Labor Department forecast predicts.
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Health Care Changes To Watch For In 2014

Starting Wednesday, the Affordable Care Act was in full force, as millions of uninsured Americans either now have health coverage or will get it this year.  But experts say that's just one of many changes to watch for in 2014, including how the law will affect elections, what the states will decide about Medicaid expansion, and what insurers will do to react to their quickly changing demographics.

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Top Stories: Human Resources
Most Popular Compensation And Benefits Articles Of 2013
The following are the most popular Compensation.BLR.com articles over the last year. Topics include overtime pay, 401(k) programs, and wage and hour investigations.
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4 Ways to Adapt to the Changing Health Care Landscape
The health care industry is rapidly changing, and it's not just because of the Affordable Care Act. Ever-expanding access to online information, as well as technological advances, have dramatically altered the way people view and choose their health care options. Grand Rounds, a company that connects patients with medical specialists, believes that 2014 will prove to be a defining year for consumer power in the industry.
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6 Key Competencies Every HR Professional Should Possess
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, enrollment of human resources specialists is expected to grow by more than 20 percent through 2020, which is faster than the average for all occupations. In addition, Forbes has voted Human Resources as one of the best jobs requiring a bachelor's degree.
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Predicting 2014 Human Resources Policy: Reading the Tea Leaves

Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC agree that it's impossible to predict HR-related legislation and regulations for 2014 - a battleground "mid-term" election year.  Since Democrats control the White House and the Senate, and Republicans control the House of Representatives, gridlock becomes the New Year's default option.

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