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Data in its raw form, a string or table of numbers, is of little to no value in compensation. Data has to be summarized, described, and presented with particular analysis so that a decision can be made. The key to understanding compensation market data is to report data in a way that is easy to understand.  In the WageWatch Market Competitive Survey, subscribers select their competitors which create a custom set of data from peer organizations. The PeerMark Report™ contains useful statistics to measure the location of data with the set. The report shows where the central part of the data is in the form average and percentiles.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Peabody Ducks March For Final Time At Orlando Hotel
The Peabody Orlando Hotel's famous ducks waddled down the red carpet of the lobby Monday for the first of a pair of final marches before the hotel is rebranded. The ducks started their final morning march at 11 a.m. Their last evening march is scheduled for 5 p.m. 
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Hyatt Launches World's Largest Focus Group To Tap Into The Mindset Of Today's Traveler
In a continued effort to listen to guests and improve their overall travel experience, on September 26, Hyatt will host The World's Largest Focus Group through a series of online activities grounded in the simple question: "How do YOU travel?"
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Florida Labor Union Accused Of Breaking Federal Law To Organize Casino
The Supreme Court will hear a case in November that could drastically curtail the ability of unions to collect personal information of workers they are trying to organize.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Decoding the ACA: Hospitals Prepare For Changes That Accompany The ACA
Hospitals are staring down a whole host of changes, as
the law lends itself to shaking up the standards of care
in the field. The changes that are being seen with this
new law vary from insurance expansion, the
implementation of the insurance marketplace to rules
about not refusing to cover those with pre-existing
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Health Care Benefits Will Be Critical Factor Of Kroger Union Talks
Health care benefits are likely to be a dominant issue as Kroger Co. negotiates a new labor contract with 12,000 Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky union workers - with
terms that could ripple across the region and possibly
the nation.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Employers Project 4.8 Percent Rise In 2014 Benefit Spending

A Mercer study released Tuesday shows that companies expect to bump up their budgets for health benefits for

2014 by 4.8 percent.

The data was extracted early by Mercer from some 

2,000 responses to a major employer survey that

will be released in its entirety later.

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18% Of The Workforce Could Retire Within Five Years

Eighteen percent of the workforce could retire within the

next five years.  The finding, in a recent report by the

ADP Retirement Research Institute, a research arm of

the global provider of human capital management

solutions, is an appropriate reminder of the heft of the

Baby Boomer generation and the impact their aging

will have on society.

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Health Care Reform: From Speculation To Reality

Until now, it's all been talk. Starting Tuesday, health care reform will move from speculation to reality when

insurance exchanges in Washington state and across

the nation open for business. 

People without health insurance or those who buy
insurance as an individual will find out how much the Affordable Care Act will add, or subtract, to their cost
of living in 2014.  
In An Uncertain Economy, Pay Raises Hover At A Modest New Normal

Salaries for Washington area workers rose 2.5 percent

in 2013, a new survey shows, as companies remained cautious amid a lackluster economic recovery and

grappled with uncertainty surrounding federal spending

cuts. Experts and employers say the fairly small bump in

pay appears to be a new normal, since many firms are

facing leaner budgets in the wake of the recession and

are opting to reward high performers with bonuses or

other flexible forms of compensation.

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