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Effective salary structures provide a framework for administering compensation programs and ensure that pay levels are both externally competitive and internally equitable.   Many design elements of salary structures are standard and common practice. 
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The Next Generation of Hospitality Professionals are from...
The next generation of hospitality professionals is lining up. Globally, there are a large number of hotel schools: more than 40 schools in Europe, 200 in the U.S., and a few distinguished institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.  
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Millennial employees: New method, same mission
In today's hospitality industry we work with a broader age range of individuals than ever before. This is due in part to the fact that the older of those among us, either due to necessity or merely an interest in staying active and earning extra money, are extending their work lives. 
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What's After Annual Performance Reviews?
Regular employee evaluations just aren't regular enough at some jobs. Welcome to the constant-feedback workplace of the future. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
The Case for Humble Executives
Among executives, humility "is the flavor du jour," says Fred Hassan, a former CEO of Schering-Plough Corp. and author of a book on leadership. Companies increasingly prize humble leaders because they listen well, admit mistakes and share the limelight, recruiters and coaches say..  (Wall Street Journal)  

A Hospital Worker has the Most Satisfying Job in the World
You will be surprised who it is. Why do we work? The obvious answer is to make a living. But is this the whole answer? 
Top Stories: Human Resources
Forget Raises. Employers Lean on Health Benefits to Retain Workers
Wages are still stagnant, yet employers have found something else to help attract and retain employees: health-care benefits. A good insurance plan has become a more vital tool than ever for hiring... 
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How LinkedIn Embeds Diversity Goals into Day-to-Day Management
You can often tell much about how seriously a company regards a new strategy or initiative by whether or not someone's compensation is tied to its success. 
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