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Hotel Human Resources frequently participate in professional associations, industry groups and other organizations formed to facilitate information sharing and networking.  Few are aware that such activity, if it involves the sharing of cost-related information such as employee wages and benefits, could give rise to violations of anti-trust law or be used as evidence of such violations.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Casino-Win-Nevada Story
The house was luckier than the players in May, when Nevada casinos won $897.2 million from gamblers to post a 1.4 percent increase in winnings compared with the same month a year ago, state gambling regulators reported Thursday. 
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Why The Leisure And Hospitality Sector Is Booming
Since April, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other leisure businesses have created an average of 50,000 jobs a month, double the rate from 2012, and more than any other industry. In June, 75,000 of the 195,000 new jobs created in the entire economy were cooks, waiters, bartenders, etc. 
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Hotel Loyalty Programs Thrive On The Back Of Benefits
Have we all become promiscuous comparison shoppers, surfing to find the best deal? Indeed, recent studies suggest a decline in consumer loyalty to travel brands.1 But not so fast, according to Market Metrix. Based on a recent study into the behaviors of travelers over the past six years, the results reveal that customer loyalty2 has increased 14.3 percent, from 56 percent to 66 percent. Loyalty increased in each and every year. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
For-Profit Hospitals Put To Test In Mass.
The for-profit system, which owns 49 hospitals in 11 states, will enter a marketplace much changed from the one it left in 2004, when the chain sold Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester and the MetroWest Medical Center hospitals in Framingham and Natick to Vanguard Health Systems Inc. for $126.7 million. 
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Rebranding 'Patients' as 'Health Care Consumers': Tread With Extreme Caution
A few months ago, I had the privilege of serving as the keynote speaker for an excellent conference in Boston. "Empowering Healthcare Consumers: a Community Conversation" brought together an impressive array of people to discuss how to improve health care through empowerment. In attendance were more than 150 community leaders, clinicians, hospital administrators, insurers, advocacy group leaders and patients. 
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How Will Health Insurance Exchanges Work?
This fall, people in every state are supposed to be able to buy health insurance through new online marketplaces, or exchanges, instituted by the federal health-care law. Insurers have been preparing for the rollout with research, trying to figure out what products to offer and how to market them. For consumers, here are some important questions and answers about the exchanges.  
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Wegmans Cuts Some Part-Time Workers' Health Benefits As Obamacare Looms
The chain joins a host of other large companies that have retooled in anticipation of the Affordable Health Care Act. Some have been criticized for cutting worker hours to avoid paying for health-care coverage under the new law. However, experts contacted by The Huffington Post said it is possible that Wegmans' move could actually benefit workers.  
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Employers Offer Pet Insurance As Employee Perk
Melissa Yoakam jokingly calls her dog Shadow her "car payment" because she pays $250 a month for the 12-year-old's cancer treatments. She'd pay far less if she had pet insurance, but she didn't take advantage of it when Shadow was younger, and when he got cancer, it was too late. She uses her experience to persuade colleagues not to make the same mistake. 
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Health Care Law Glitch May Limit Smokers' Penalties
A glitch involving President Barack Obama's health care law means smokers may get at least some relief next year from tobacco-use penalties that could have made their premiums unaffordable. 
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NLRB Poster Rule Invalid, Federal Courts Rule
Two federal appeals courts have struck down the NLRB poster rule, a federal rule that would have required millions of businesses to put up posters informing workers of their rights to form a union under the National Labor Relations Act. The rulings by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the D.C. Circuit will impact employers across the country. Here's what business owners need to know:  
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