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Salary structures are the foundation for base pay administration.  The salary structure you determine for your organization will have an impact on your business operations, especially related to talent management and cost containment, so the selection of a compensation philosophy is an important one.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
PA's Casino Jackpot: $1.48 Billion
The Keystone state continues to reap in more tax revenue from casinos than any other the state in the nation, according to a new national survey.  
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Room Service Will Be Discontinued At NY Hotel, World Spins Madly On
Fare thee well, overpriced pleasures of hotel living-the New York Hilton Midtown, the city's biggest hotel is killing its room service operation this summer, switching it out for an a la carte cafeteria instead. 
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Casino Deal's Antitrust Problems Should Have Been Obvious
Some people just know their slot machine is "due" because they've been playing unsuccessfully all night. And the big shots at Pinnacle Entertainment and Ameristar Casinos apparently thought their merger would sail through the Federal Trade Commission, even with a 58 percent market share in St. Louis.  
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Non-Clinical Hospital Personnel are Part of Quality Patient Care
A hospital often is described as "a city within a city," meaning most employ not only physicians, nurses, assistants, pharmacists, electronic medical records specialists and therapists, but non-clinical personnel who are essential to efficient operation and services. 
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Wal-Mart's Super-Counterintuitive Health Care Plan
Wal-Mart has become the country's dominant retailer by exerting relentless downward pressure on prices and costs. That pressure didn't work with health insurance: The company got a bad name for withholding coverage from low-wage workers, and broad efforts (such as wellness programs) failed to push down its per-person costs.  
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4 Benefits of 'Bare-Bones' Insurance Plans
When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, it was unclear how employers could avoid the $2,000 per worker penalty that they would incur if they did not offer adequate health insurance. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Staffing Jobs Continue Growth Trend in First Quarter 2013
U.S. staffing companies employed an average of 2.86 million temporary and contract workers per day in the first quarter of 2013, up 2.9% from the same period last year, according to data released today by the American Staffing Association.   
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Starbucks Day in Court Could Affect Entire NYC Hospitality Industry
Starbucks, which operates nearly 230 locations in NYC, will go before the state's Court of Appeals to determine which of the coffee chain's in-store employees are eligible share the tip-jar money.  
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Uh-Oh A New ACA Wrinkle From the IRS
Ok, before I even begin this post, let me make it perfectly clear I am as confused as most of you about what all the federal regulations and guidances around the Affordable Care Act really mean for Employers and HR. 
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5 Good Reasons To Do A Formal Mid-Year Employee Evaluation
I suspect I can guess what many of you are thinking after reading the headline:  "I strongly dislike doing these at the end of the year, so why would I ever want to do another one halfway through the year?"   
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