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In the past, criminal background checks were used only to review the backgrounds of candidates applying for more sensitive positions, such as those that required working with children. Due to advancements in technology, which have provided easier access to information, this is no longer true. (WageWatch) Read the complete article  

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Report: Vegas Casinos Boost Nevada's Gaming Fortunes
Nevada's slow climb out of recession continued with a mild rise in gaming revenues in 2012 as the state again easily topped all other states with commercial gaming, a report Monday showed.
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Casino Bosses Transform Sin City Into Club City
To step into club XS at the Wynn Las Vegas is to enter the dreamscape of a modern artist with fetishes for gold and bronze and bodies in motion. 
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Marriott Raises Outlook; Hyatt Misses On Weak Group Bookings
Marriott results follow those of rival Hyatt Hotels Corp (H.N), which on Wednesday reported quarterly sales below Wall Street estimates due to its higher exposure to a weak group bookings business in the United States. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Why Healthcare Must Embrace Cloud Computing
Regulatory compliance for the healthcare industry is a hot-button issue. The overriding compliance requirements that this industry faces are dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), enacted by Congress in 1996.  
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Health-Care Exchanges Will Need the Young Invincibles
In less than five months, on Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges will go live online. Millions of Americans will suddenly be able to log on to a website and choose their own heath-care coverage from a menu of subsidized options for prices and coverage levels. As the opening day gets closer, anxiety is increasing over how well these online exchanges will function.
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Can We Learn From ACA Implementation and Improve the Law?
Senator Baucus made headlines recently when he predicted a "train wreck" for Obamacare. David Brooks predicted "chaos" in a recent column. In a news conference, the President offered a different perspective. "There'll still be, you know, glitches and bumps.... 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
HR Plays the Outside Board Game
The recent election of Gap Inc. HR chief Eva Sage-Gavin to the board of directors of an outside company is the latest example of HR executives following this path. HR leaders not only have much to offer outside boards, they and their employers also benefit from them doing so, experts say. 
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Employment Trends Index at Highest Level Since 2008
A compilation of U.S. labor-market indicators edged up in April to its highest level since June 2008, according to a report released Monday by the Conference Board. 
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Employers Push Back on Health Law's Insurance Trigger
Employers are putting increasing pressure on lawmakers to peel back a piece of the federal health-care law that requires firms provide insurance to employees working 30 hours a week or more.  
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'Glocalization' Spurs HR To Rethink Hiring, Operating Model
With the advent of social media, it seems like a no-brainer to conclude the world is more connected now than ever before. But the DHL 2012 Global Connectedness Index states that the world is actually less connected than it was in 2007, as Josh Bersin pointed out in his opening keynote address at Bersin by Deloitte's Impact 2013, which took place last week in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
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