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Many organizations today are focusing on their company's culture including determining their culture, deciding what it should be, aligning with strategic goals and transitioning to the desired culture. Culture is important because it reinforces the values in the organization, which in turn shapes team members behavior. (WageWatch) Read the complete article

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Hilton Signs Deal With Unions To Raise Wages At Four Properties
Six hundred unionized workers at the Drake, Palmer House, Chicago Hilton and Towers and the Hilton O'Hare will see their compensation increase by a total of $4.81 over the course of five years beginning September. 
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Storytelling: A Training Tool
Several years ago at a Monday morning standup meeting, the staff was reviewing the weekend's events. We came across the Saturday MOD report that told of a young supervisor, who upon receiving a complaint of noise at 3 a.m., had sent security to locate the room from which the noise was coming. 
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Hoteliers Tackle Immigration, Sequester In DC
Nearly 275 participants joined the American Hotel & Lodging Association's 15th annual Legislative Action Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday to lobby for reform of the immigration laws and improve the visa process to boost inbound tourism. 
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Mcpier Chief Calls On Hyatt To Resolve Long Labor Dispute
The public owner of the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place on Monday called for a swift resolution to the long-running battle between the Chicago-based hotel company and the workers' union, saying it is unfair and inappropriate for the employees to have gone three years without a raise. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Obama Says Health Care Law is 'Working Fine'
President Obama said Tuesday that his health care law was "working fine," and he played down concerns that the law could disrupt coverage or lead to higher premiums for people who already had health insurance. 
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Is Cost Containment Forcing Hospitals to Become "Unlawful" Immigration Officers?
As U.S. hospitals grapple with ways to lower the cost of care at their facilities while maintaining quality, some may be turning to "unlawful" deportations of immigrant patients. 
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Obamacare: Unaffordable Coverage
Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) co-founders Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein examined evidence on "skimpy health insurance among low-income, insured Americans." 
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Counting To 90: ACA and The Waiting Period
Under the Affordable Care Act, once we decide who we have to offer coverage to, then we have to decide when they get the coverage. Generally the new rule is that a waiting period for coverage cannot exceed 90 days. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Ask The Right Questions, Hire The Right Staff
Albert Lee believes in the power of questions. The Toronto-based strategy consultant and entrepreneur believes that good questions - and the good answers they elicit - can help you be successful, through better observation and understanding. 
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Why Unions Want to Cut Retiree Pension Benefits
Underfunded pension plans represent one of the biggest potential financial problems facing the nation. Despite rising challenges over the past several years in meeting pension obligations, 
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Powerful Union, Upstart Battle Over Shrinking Pie

The Service Employees International Union is locked in battle here with an unusual opponent: another union. SEIU has enjoyed years of rapid growth even as organized labor has withered in the U.S. Now, it is competing with the National Union of Healthcare Workers to represent 45,000 nursing aides, pharmacy technicians and janitors at health-care giant Kaiser Permanente.

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Benefits Help Families, Communities
Whether it's a company picnic or excellent health coverage, benefits help companies attract and retain employees. But benefits such as wellness incentives, assistance with child care and elder care, paid military leave, and paid time off to volunteer also have a ripple effect throughout communities. 
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