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It is not uncommon for baby boomers to now work side by side with co-workers from generation X and generation Y. Each of the generations in the work place today grew up in different times with widely varying political and social issues, (WageWatch) Read the complete article

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
New Signs Of Life Arise In Las Vegas
Unemployment is down, construction projects are resuming, and tourism is back up after years of recession. Experts stop short of proclaiming a comeback, but there's guarded hope in the air. 
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Chicago-Area Hilton Hotel Workers Ratify New Labor Contract
Hilton is the first major hotel employer to reach an agreement with the union workers, who have also reached a tentative agreement with White Plains, N.Y.-based Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.  
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Sequestration Impact Picking Up Steam
While the U.S. budget sequestration's impact on hotel performance has been muted thus far, sources predict the effects will become more pronounced as the year moves on. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Healing Our Healthcare System
I have yet to see a perfect piece of legislation, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare, has real flaws. But even at this early stage, its accomplishments are important. 
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4 Recent Events That Have Changed How Consumers View Healthcare
As the nation places more scrutiny on transparency in healthcare, pressure for providers make clinical outcomes and prices more visible and easy-to-understand grows by the day. Where do consumers' dollars go? Why do procedures vary in cost so widely, even among hospitals in the same city? Which hospitals are really the so-called "best?" 
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We Still Have A Health-Care Spending Problem 

With every new report about the recent slowdown in health-care spending there is speculation in the media that the problem of rising health costs has somehow been solved or cut down to size. We have seen this movie before.

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Top Stories: Human Resources
California Job Growth Outpaces U.S. as State Jobless Rate Falls
California's unemployment rate dropped in March to 9.4 percent as job growth in the state continued to outpace the nation, figures released Friday show. 
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When Disaster Strikes: HR's Critical Role in Helping Employees Manage
A bomb explodes in a crowded business district. Your business is near ground zero. Some of your employees are injured in the blast, a few fatally, including your Human Resources leader. 
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Part-Time Work Becomes Full-Time Wait For A Better Job
The American economy has generated 30 straight months of job growth. But for millions of people looking for more work and greater income, that improvement provides little solace. 
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Are Employee Benefits Forever?

"This is a point in time where everything feels shaken up," said Leopold, national practice leader for health and productivity at Wells Fargo Insurance Services, headquartered in Fargo, N.D. "We are witnessing things that were unimaginable only five years ago, thanks to healthcare reform and technology."

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