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Pay Compression can be defined as narrow pay differentials that create pay inequities between supervisors and subordinates or between experienced employees and newly hired employees in the same job.  Although there are many factors that contribute to pay compression, the overriding factor is poor administration.  Attention must be given by the HR professionals to on-going administration of all pay changes including hiring rates, promotional increases, merit increases, and increases resulting from minimum wage or market changes.

Proper equity analysis must be performed for possible changes to improve pay equity.  Not doing so can result in internal inequities that can range from individual to systemic issues leading to employee dissatisfaction.  Pay compression can cause employee morale issues and effect employee perceptions regarding "fair pay".

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons are most 'relevant' hotel brands
How do you choose a hotel? By the quality of service? The view? What your friends might think? How about the water pressure in the shower? Don't laugh.
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Are your employees cheating the system?
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Two things that stick in my mind from my Cornell education include how nasty hotel rooms are when you hold a black light to the sheets and walls, and how you can cheat the system by presenting the same beer bill to multiple guests and pocketing the cash.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
The Cost Of Health Care Insurance, Taxes and Your W-2
Notice any different about your form W-2?Take a look at Box 12. See anything that wasn't there last year? 
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Study: Immigrants Fill Healthcare Worker Shortage
The population is rapidly aging, unemployment is high, and millions of illegal workers in the U.S. are waiting to see how Congress will act on immigration reform.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
The Future of Employee Benefits
Paid maternity leave, free lunches, and unlimited sick days: for many Americans working today, these sound like benefits reserved only for employees of exciting young startups or multinational corporations, but soon, they may come to an office near you.
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Ban Job Descriptions and Hire Better People
For the past 30 years I've been on a kick to ban traditional skills- and experience-based job descriptions. The prime reason: they're anti-talent and anti-diversity, aside from being terrible predictors of future success. 
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Raising the Minimum Wage: The Debate Begins
If you, like me, are a veteran of this minimum wage scrum that's getting underway, you've likely heard the arguments before. But for you newbies out there-or vets who need an update -- here 'tis:
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Obama renominates NLRB members who were ruled invalid in court
President Obama on Wednesday asked the Senate to confirm two members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) whose recess appointments were ruled unconstitutional.
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HR Strategy And Systems: A Tale Of Integration
On a Monday morning, not long ago, I was sitting across a conference table from Audrey, the VP of Human Resources for a large global manufacturing company. Kyle, her manager of HR systems, stood at the whiteboard and drew a picture of their "Best of Breed" strategy for HR technology.
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Time to Think About Commuting
Don't leave this benefit on the table. $3.40 to $4.00 per gallon gas prices are quickly becoming the new norm. Congress and the President appear to be doing very little to control this inflationary cost. What can you do? Thankfully there are commuting benefits that can lower your cost of getting to and from work during 2013.
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Housing holds key to full job growth rebound
The labor market quietly reached a milestone of sorts last month. Private-sector employment topped its pre-recession high - if housing-related industries are excluded
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Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age
Gartner expects the market for BigData and analytics to generate $3.7 Trillion in products and services and generate 4.4 million new jobs by 2015. While most of the talk is about applying BigData to marketing and consumer businesses, there is an even bigger opportunity to apply BigData to Human Resources. (We call it Talent Analytics.)
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Mandatory Employee Busing is Not Compensable
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, upheld a dismissal of a law suit, finding that a mandatory busing arrangement involved "normal traveling time that the laborers would also be required to undertake by the mere fact of working at the Motiva Plant," which is not compensable under the FLSA.
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