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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
The U.S. Hotel industry is Booming
The U.S. hotel industry is entering its fourth year of recovery and industry pros note the last cycle like this lasted just five years. However, since the lack of new supply has been so severe following the economic crisis, hotel owners say they think the good times will keep rolling for another four years before supply catches up with growth demand.  
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Former HR Director Sues Over Firing, Alleges Pregnancy Discrimination
As human resources director for a South Florida restaurant group, Rayna Katz said she was instructed to search on Facebook to see if job candidates for a bookkeeping job were "married, had any children or were of childbearing age."
When she became
pregnant herself and suffered complications, Katz said she was harassed about taking time off.
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Hospitality Industry Offers Solutions to Youth Unemployment Crisis
Hilton Worldwide will announce at the World Economic Forum a commissioned white paper from the International Youth Foundation (IYF) that highlights solutions to youth joblessness that the global hospitality sector is uniquely positioned to provide.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Hospital and Health System Executive Compensation in 2013
For hospital and health system executives, salaries and total compensation continue to meet the critical eye of the public, employees and other community stakeholders, and this issue will not dissipate in the near term.
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Ohio Health Insurance Company Sues State, Feds
Medical Mutual of Ohio sued last month in federal court to force clarification over who has the final say in eligibility for enrollment into the program - state or federal officials.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Compensation Negotiation Among Women In The Workplace
Studies have shown that women are less likely to take the most direct approach to ensure that they receive fair pay compared to their male counterparts - simply asking. So what happens when women begin to negotiate for higher salaries?
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Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level in Five Years
The number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment insurance payments fell more than forecast last week to the lowest level in five years, pointing to further improvement in the labor market.  
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Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is Protected
The National Labor Relations Board says workers have a right to discuss work conditions freely and without fear of retribution, whether the discussion takes place at the office or on Facebook.
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 Do Bonuses Work?
Bonuses are controversial these days. Proponents believe that bonuses and monetary rewards increase productivity and organizational performance, while opponents state that bonuses create higher pay inequality - which leads to greater turnover.
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Older Workers can Be Smart Hires
Once a worker turns 40, they are considered part of the aging population. But that may be just when many are hitting their stride, and reaching the pinnacle of their professional skill set.
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