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Compensation committees are an appointed group of individuals that have corporate governance over compensation and benefit programs for executives and company officers. The committee is typically chaired by the CEO and composed of both inside management directors and outside independent directors. Their work includes determining the types of pay plans, the amount of compensation and the performance measures that the executives will be upheld to in regards to the calculation of incentives.


Compensation committees play a strategic role within the business by aligning company performance and executive rewards. Individuals within the committee must create a compressive program, with the aid of compensation surveys and consultants, which motivates executives to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the company within their own positions. High performance is best achieved through the implementation of a strategic merit pay program, short and long term incentive plans including stock awards, retirement, and executive perquisites.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
How Shiftgig Aims To Dominate Hospitality Hiring
Chicago-based Shiftgig debuted its combination career site and social network for service industry workers last year, and the company quickly gained momentum. Shiftgig already has more than 150,000 users, plus more than 5,000 employers; the company raised $3 million in October. 
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Labor-Practices Case Against Hyatt Regency Begins
A hearing into allegations of unfair labor practices filed against the Hyatt Regency Baltimore began late Monday after hours of ultimately fruitless discussion about settling the complaint.
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New Year, New Hospitality Job
Now that we're well in to 2013, retailers, restaurants, hotels and holiday destinations have all taken down the holiday decor and reverted back to post-holiday operating hours. However, that does not mean that hiring within these sectors has come to a halt. In fact, studies suggest that hiring within the hospitality industry has been increasing in the month of January year for three straight years.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
7 Statistics on Primary Care Physician Salaries
In 2012, almost 40 % of primary care physicians and pediatricians earned less than $150,000 in salary and other compensation, according to the Physicians Practice 2012 Physician Compensation Survey.
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Facts About America's Health Care Quality
To justify more government control of America's health care, ObamaCare supporters frequently assert that access to and quality of health care in the United States are poor. However, the facts from source documents and medical journals show that Americans enjoy superior access to care compared to nationalized systems
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Major Enrollment Push Planned For Obama Healthcare
Supporters of President Obama's healthcare law are gearing up for a major push to make sure people take advantage of its provisions. Enroll America, a newly-formed advocacy group, announced a campaign Tuesday to ensure that eligible people sign up for the new insurance options the healthcare law will provide once it's fully in place next year.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Prudential Benefits Research Shows Declining Optimism about Finances among Employers and Employees
"Prudential's flagship study continues to be an essential source of trend data on the benefits marketplace. Our research data shows that despite the indicators of economic recovery, it is taking longer for American employers and employees to regain full confidence in the future," notes Steve Pelletier, president of Prudential Group Insurance. "The good news, however, is that this view of the future doesn't negatively impact benefits decisions.
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When HR and Legal Worlds Collide
Quick! Between your human resource and legal advisers, which group is more likely to say, "It looks like we're in pretty good shape. Nothing's ever perfect, but claims are way down. We don't have many lawsuits, and the ones we have we think we can settle reasonably- or, if need be, win. Everyone has signed off on our policies. All of our training has been completed. We could get a claim, but if we do, we should be in good shape to defend it."
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Talent Management Among Top Issues Facing HR Professionals in 2013
In light of recent changes in the economy, the issue of retaining and rewarding the best employees will be at the forefront in 2013 for HR professionals, Jennifer Schramm, manager of the Workplace Trends and Forecasting Program at the Society for Human Resource Management, told BNA
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HR Can Succeed By Doing Less
A major flaw of many large HR departments is that they see the creation of programs and processes as the best way to demonstrate their value, when they'd be more effective if they sought to eliminate programs that waste time, Tim Sackett writes. "Doing less means you have to really think strategically about what your function should be delivering and what it shouldn't," he writes.
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