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With traditional annual salary surveys, the process of data collection starts when the survey opens. The opening is followed by a window of time that is typically two to four months, and sometimes as long as six months. This survey window depends on the industry and number of positions surveyed, for which survey participants would report their payroll data for incumbents. At the end of the collection period, the survey closes and no additional survey participation can occur until the following year when the survey cycle is completed and the survey reopens. The date the survey closes to participation is referred to as the survey's effective date.

Once the survey closes, the wage data is manually cleaned, analyzed, and the findings formatted into a compensation benchmark report. Building the report in this manner can take an additional two to three months and for some compensation surveys up to six months.

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Annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $15,745 this year, up 4% from last year, with workers on average paying $4,316 toward the cost of their coverage, according to the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation's 2012 Employer Health Benefits Survey.
(Business Management Daily)
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 When the H.R. Office Leaves the Building...
It used to be that H.R. was a single, physical place that workers could visit - to pick up a form, ask a question, seek advice, lodge a complaint. Now if a company still has a stand-alone H.R. office, it's probably much smaller than it used to be. If workers need help, they may have to call an "800" number, consult a Web portal or use a software program.
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How To Explain The Cost of Turnover To Management
How HR can increase its value to an organization by explaining the cost of turnover and how they add up. In this video, you will learn how to get that seat at the table with executive management.
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A report released Friday by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, found that racial minorities are well-represented on the non-management level, especially in semi-skilled and unskilled positions. However, African Americans and other people of color are poorly represented in upper management positions and governing body membership...
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Tech Worker Opportunity As Health-Care Law Kicks In
Firms are scouting for tech workers to fill hundreds of thousands of jobs in everything from running records systems to creating and servicing new insurance exchanges and entering thousands of codes for healthcare treatments
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Top Five Healthcare IT Trends for 2013
AT&T looks ahead to the top five trends for healthcare IT innovation 2013 including... Upswing on telehealth to bridge the significant gap between physician resources and patient demand  
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