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Do you have dizziness or vertigo?
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Cramping Your Style
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Do you have dizziness or vertigo?
BPPV May Be The Cause
Our Physical Therapists Can Help

 JPTC Newest Team Members
Welcome Raquel & Goodbye Jennie  
Jennie will be greatly missed but she is on to bigger and better things....Motherhood! We want to welcome Raquel Crisostomo. She is a great addition to our JPTC family!
Click HERE for more info on Raquel.

Welcome Baby Rozlyn to JPTC Family
We are happy to announce the arrival of our newest Jordan PT Center family member, Rozlyn! Welcome back Gloria, we are grateful to have you back!
 Cramping Your Style 
The balance between calcium and magnesium in the body is crucial. A normal level of one nutrient can be perceived low by the body if the opposing nutrient is high. This is seen often in women taking a high dose calcium supplement. They may have a functionally low magnesium level, sometimes evident in a blood test, especially those who consume a high carbohydrate diet. A high carbohydrate diet tends to increase the body's need for magnesium, an issue I have touched upon slightly before.

A cramp due to calcium deficiency is many times overlooked. Although not as common as a cramp brought upon by a sodium-potassium imbalance, the calcium cramp is tricky because it is usually due to calcium displacement, rather than lack of the nutrient. Simply put, that means you can consume all the calcium you want, but what your body does with it is another matter. Soft tissue calcium starvation is what causes these types of cramps, not calcium deficient bones.

 (Excerpt from Article) Click HERE for full article
High-Quality Whole Food Products

Cataplex F

Cataplex F assists with tissue calcium starvation, muscle cramps, and "charley horses." It supports the body's inflammatory response function as it relates to periodic challenges like consumption of high-fat foods or strenuous activity.   
  • Flaxseed is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids from plants
  • Provides lipids for the formation of eicosanoids
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Contains iodine for thyroid support
  • Supports the metabolism of fats
  • More VIDEOS on Standard Process supplements

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