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 September 2014
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* What is a Physical Therapist?
* Other Healthcare Professions

* Massage Therapy Services Available at JPTC
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    What is a Physical Therapist?

    A Physical Therapist (PT) is an expert in human movement who diagnoses movement impairments. PTs treat individuals who are limited in their ability to move and perform functional activities and restore the individual's overall fitness, health, and wellness.

    Educational Requirements
    • Post-graduate physical therapy education
    • Advanced residency specialty training
    • Graduate from an accredited program
    • Master's or doctoral degree required for graduation after 2000
    • Pass national and state license exams and continuing education required in California
    * Source: Move California Handout


    Other Healthcare Professions

    There are many other well-respected healthcare professions. We are often asked the difference between physical therapy and these other professions.  Below are a description of some of the most common professions:

    Personal Trainer - designs exercise routines, teaches exercises and helps clients assess their level of physical fitness and set and reach fitness goals

    Educational Requirements
    • Education and training required depends on the specific type of fitness work
    • No national certification
    Chiropractor (DC) - diagnoses and treats patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system and performs spinal manipulation or adjustments

    Educational Requirements
    • 2-4 years of undergraduate education
    • Completion of a 4 year chiropractic college program
    • Complete a 4 year program at an accredited college
    • Pass national and state exams
    • Continuing education required in California
    Massage Therapist (CMT) - provides massage therapy which is a means of addressing painful ailments, relieving tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress and promoting general health through manipulation of the soft tissues of the body

    Educational Requirements
    • Training standards and requirements vary greatly by state concentrating on certain modalities of massage
    • Training standards and requirements vary greatly by state and locality

    * Source: Move California Handout -


    Massage Therapy Services Available at JPTC
    Jordan Physical Therapy Center is dedicated to providing the best care. After much request, massage therapy services are now available. Our highly skilled massage therapists will provide a specialized massage based on each individual's needs. 

    Massage Therapists:
    Mariusz Remi, LMT
    Gloria Valdez, MTC

    ***Call Maria at (760)568-2894 to schedule or for more information on our services


    We value and appreciate your business.
    Thank you!