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 August 2014
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    August Hours
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    Low Back Pain: Prevention and Management

    Low back pain is a common occurrence in day to day life. The goals of physical therapy are to decrease back pain, increase function, and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent future back problems. Here are a couple exercises to strengthen and stabilize the core musculature to assist in prevention and management of low back pain:

    The curl-up technique emphasizes abdominal bracing in a neutral spine to protect the back and also works the primary core muscles.

    The bridge was another exercise of focus in low back pain prevention. In the exercise, there was an emphasis on "turning off" the hamstrings to allow for more activation of the gluteus maximus muscle. The glute muscle group is crucial in proper pelvic stabilization and are a key component in our "core" musculature.



    Lie on back with one knee bent.
    Step 1) Tighten abdominal muscles keeping natural curve in back. DO NOT press back into mat.
    Step 2) Bring shoulders down and back into a reverse shrug. Do not hold your breath.
    Step 3) Lift head 1 inch off pillow.

    Bridge with Glute Squeeze
    Lie flat with knees bent.
    1) Tighten abdominal muscles keeping natural curve in back. DO NOT press back into mat.
    2) Bring shoulders down and back into a reverse shrug.
    3) Press toes into front of shoes to engage quads and turn off hamstrings.
    4) Squeeze buttocks and lift hips, maintaining neutral spine.


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