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 January 2014
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* Value of Physical Therapy
* 3 Basic Factors that Affect Balance
* Balance Activities to Improve Balance
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    - Chronic joint and muscle pain (low back pain, neck pain, etc.)
    - Acute joint and muscle pain

    - Pacemaker
    - Allergy to the electrodes, gel or tape
    - Dermatological conditions e.g. dermatitis, eczema

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    Value of Physical Therapy 


    American Physical Therapy Association recently came out with an article on the value of physical therapy and how a physical therapist can help you. This is an excerpt from the article:
    "Physical therapists are experts in restoring and improving motion, in many cases helping prevent surgery or the need for long-term use of prescription pain medication. Because of their understanding pre-existing conditions, physical therapists focus on the vital skills necessary to overcome an injury, secondary condition, or disability. They can help transition you from rehabilitation to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness, thereby empowering you to greatly improve your quality of life."


    3 Basic Factors That Affect Balance


    1. Visual System - Eyes help detect changes in the floor surface. As we age, we tend to rely more and more on vision for our balance.  A common safety concern is with older individuals, who get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Due to low lighting, balance is impaired and a person is at higher risk for falling.


    2. Somatosensory/Proprioception System - In standing, the feet give feedback to the brain about the floor surface. Neuropathy is a common condition that affects balance due to lack of sensation in the extremities. The feet are not able to send accurate feedback to the brain, which increases a person's fall risk.


    3. Vestibular System - Mechanism in the inner ear that controls balance based on head position. Balance may be impaired due to an ear infection, which disturbs the inner ear and detection of head position. Thus, dizziness and balance issues may arises.


    Balance Activities to Improve Balance
    • Perform all activities in a corner and with someone nearby for safety
    • Pictures are progressive
    • Narrow base is more challenging than partial tandem
    • Perform each activity to skill level with a goal of 30 seconds without difficulty

    Narrow Base Standing 


               Eyes open                   Eyes open with head turns



     Eyes open with head up/down          Eyes closed


    Partial Tandem Standing

    tandem standing EO     

                Eyes open                   Eyes open with head turns

          Eyes open with head up/down          Eyes closed


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