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 October 2013
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    Welcome to Jordan Physical Therapy Center's online newsletter. We look forward to informing patients, physicians, and friends on the latest updates, articles, and news.


    Value of Physical Therapy 


    American Physical Therapy Association recently came out with an article on the value of physical therapy and how a physical therapist can help you. This is an excerpt from the article:
    "Physical therapists are experts in restoring and improving motion, in many cases helping prevent surgery or the need for long-term use of prescription pain medication. Because of their understanding pre-existing conditions, physical therapists focus on the vital skills necessary to overcome an injury, secondary condition, or disability. They can help transition you from rehabilitation to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness, thereby empowering you to greatly improve your quality of life."


    Golf and Posture


    Posture is an important aspect of the golf swing, but is often times overlooked.  It is very difficult to play a good round of golf with poor posture.  Here are some common physical causes of why golfers lose their posture:

    1. Generalized stiffness in the musculature and joints of the lower body -- this limitation can alter good set up posture and force players to change their spinal posture throughout the golf swing.
    2. The inability to separate the lower body movements from the upper body movements -- this limitation does not allow the shoulders to rotate around the spine without altering original posture.
    3. The inability to stabilize the  core -- Poor stability in the core musculature (abs and glutes)can cause a loss of posture.
    4. Poor Flexibility -- Flexibility allows golfers to get the club into key swing positions. In order to rotate around stable posture golfers must have good flexibility in the hips and shoulders.

    Click HERE for an article on C-spine posture in golf


    Click HERE for a video tip to improve rounded shoulder (C-curve posture)


    Exercises to Improve Posture

        Doorway pec stretchFoam Roller whole

        Doorway Pec Stretch     Foam Roller Stretch

    y's on ball

    T's                                      Y's

      Shoulder extension tband

    Horizontal Abduction        Shoulder Extension


    Welcome Roy Burton to the

    JPTC Team

     roy 2

    We are excited to welcome Roy Burton to our team! Roy has been a Physical Therapist in the desert for over 20 years.  His experience, knowledge, and compassion for patients is invaluable.  He will be a great asset and addition to our team.

    We value and appreciate your business.
    Thank you!