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This November we begin our seventh year in business.  

We are grateful for everyone who has helped us along this

unending wine journey. Our great clients and our fantastic employees have all made the route an absolute joy.  

We've had many great experiences, too numerous to cover.

But we'd love to chat about them as you join us for a glass.


Eight years ago when I first saw the space that now houses Wine With Me, I knew I had to do this project. A year later, when we opened on our first day, we didn't have any art on the walls or a lot of wine. Nor did we know whether we'd be more of a wine bar or a retail shop. As time passed, we learned that the wine bar/retail shop would complement each other. Today, it is our home, and we hope we extend that warmth and welcome to you.


We could not have done it without your continued support. As the holidays approach, we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.


If I haven't said thanks in person, I look forward to the time when I can.



  • To Ron, thank you for your undying support. Your voice of reason and steady demeanor keeps me and WWM going smoothly. Thank you for being my friend. 
  • To Angie, thank you for bringing a great attitude and cheery personality, and an eagerness to learn.
  • To Andy, in your short time here, thank you for the visual improvements and retail skill you bring.
  • To Barb, thank you for all the beautiful baskets you design and make. And the crazy hours you work to get them done.
  • To Sharon, thank you. You take my craziness and turn it into great marketing and beautiful emails. My dog-loving buddy.  
  • And to Reyna, without your support Wine With Me would not have happened. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.




Wine With Me

There is little success where there is little laughter.
                                                                                                     --Andrew Carnegie

We so enjoy sharing the laughter with you!
 Mark, Ron, Reyna, Barb, Angie, Andy & Sharon


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 A Craft Beer & Wine Studio

   111 Gigi Gruber Lane

Itasca, Illinois 60143

 (847) 250-5041




    Tuesday--Saturday: 2 pm--10 pm

Sunday: 2 pm--7 pm

Closed Monday

News Flash!!!

Itasca has an 8.25% sales tax.

Just north of town the tax rate is 10%.

Instant $$avings of 1.75% at Wine With Me.