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This month I wanted to share with you the unforeseen curve ball I was thrown and the lessons I must have been meant to learn - which include:

  • Acceptance
  • Patience
  • Ego (letting go of it, that is)


My curve ball was a ski accident at the end of March. I am OK - but I blew out my knee and have been dealing with my new reality and my two new best friends - crutches!!


How we take things for granted. How we think we can do everything. How we think we can meet deadlines. How we feel we can juggle twenty things at a time. Try doing all of this with crutches!


My life as I have known it has changed for the time being - therefore, I must change too. Tasks such as walking down the stairs, getting into the car to make physio appointments, making a sandwich for lunch - all that I took for granted - is now a process requiring a well-designed, thought-out plan.


It is what it is. I have had to accept the situation, be patient for what I have no control over and learn to let go of my ego - and ASK FOR HELP. I think that last one is the hardest for me.


This by no means is a bad thing! If anything, asking for help - no matter how big or how small - has made me stronger, made me realize I am not Superwoman - just a mere mortal - and I need support to get by!





Lean on Me...

As a corporate secretary, are there times you are consumed with day-to-day urgent matters? Would like to implement better governance processes, knowing they will make your life easier - but you just can't find the time? Are there times you feel like you are working with "crutches" that are keeping you from contributing your very best?


This is where we can help give you a sure-fired way to add value for your Board and get one big, time consuming project off your desk forever!


Governance Studio has created a focused, value-added solution to get your board evaluation process

OFF YOUR DESK, inexpensively, easily and in a way that ensures you and your Board will be completely satisfied. 


Here's what we can and will 


  • Provide a totally anonymous, third-party administered survey
  • Brand it with your organization's name
  • Ask the 20 questions that directors need to explore about board performance
  • Provide additional questions if desired to dig deep into specific areas
  • Test the survey to ensure it is super-easy for your directors to complete
  • Draft all of the invitations to your directors
  • Prepare all the instructions for completing the survey
  • Send the survey out to your directors
  • Explain to your directors how the process will work and what they can expect
  • Personally take care of any director who needs help working through the survey
  • Send out gentle reminders to any directors who are late completing the survey
  • Generate full results of the survey
  • Analyze the results and prepare a comprehensive report
  • Provide three specific board effectiveness improvement recommendations
  • Distribute the results and report in time for your board and committee reviews


By letting go of this very time consuming task you will:

  1.  Add value to your Board - Directors' time and effort are the most valuable assets they share with the organization. A value-adding board evaluation respects their time and provides insights that boost their overall effectiveness.
  2. Add value for your organization - An engaged board is a strategic asset to your organization. Ensuring your evaluation process builds engagement is an excellent way to enhance organizational success.
  3. Add value for your management team - Knowing that the board is aligned on current strategy and risk means that management can get on with the job of effectively running the organization.
So I CHALLENGE YOU TO SET ASIDE YOUR CAPE, LEAN ON ME, AND ASK FOR HELP in a way that really does Add Value to Every Seat at the Boardroom Table!! 
Call me at 403.991.2154 or email me at
to get your board evaluation off the ground (and off your desk).


Send me an email at if you have a question about a governance practice or a corporate secretarial procedure.

I will reply to you privately. With your permission, I will share the question and answer (but not your name or organization) in an upcoming newsletter.



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I will be speaking at the upcoming CSCS seminar: Governance Essentials for the Corporate Secretary: Two day seminar.

May 29 & 30
Calgary, AB

For more information visit their website here.

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Enhancing Director Effectiveness Organization - Canexus Corporation.

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