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Fall is in the air and so is the long awaited official launch of:


AAA+ Minutes™ - The Three Must-Do Fundamentals And 100s of Practice Tips For Writing Minutes That Protect Your Organization And Its Directors

October 25 is the big day and if you are in Calgary at that time, I would be delighted if you would join us at Inglewood Fine Art Gallery (1223B 9 Ave SE) between 5.30 and 8.00 pm on Thursday, October 25, 2012.


If you can make the party, please sign up by the end of the day Friday, October 12, by entering the word Minutes at


I hope to see you there!




Secret, Secret... I've Got A Secret (Or Two)

I'm going to let you in on two secrets today and share some great work (of others) with you.


First, let's talk about an unfortunate rodent who recently came to an untimely demise... And tease you with the certainty that not everything turns out as it might seem at first. Next newsletter will give you an update on our dear friend - the "Dead" Squirrel.


Second, following the official launch of the book I will be sending out details on the contest and prizes referred to in the book. Totally FUN stuff.


Now for the sharing - a couple of great updates from the law firms that help us all to keep our sanity.


This first link is to the latest court action with regard to empty voting. It seems to give a strong directive for the regulators to take action in solving this issue.


Blakes Memo on Telus Ruling


For more information on the issue and to see how the Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries are leading the charge on fixing our Canadian proxy plumbing, check out the Shareholder Democracy Summit information at


The second link is on the use of "advance notice policies" in Canada as a way to manage and deter proxy battles. Basically, it writes into the company by-laws that any shareholder intending to nominate a director must give advance notice to the company.


Davies Memo on Advance Notice Policies





Send me an email at if you have a question about a governance practice or a corporate secretarial procedure.

I will reply to you privately. With your permission, I will share the question and answer (but not your name or organization) in an upcoming newsletter.



Coming up

Emcee Corporate Governance Awards 2012


Location: New York, NY

Date: November 5, 2012

Venue: Gotham Hall


Check out all the details and get your tickets for this great event that celebrates Corporate Secretaries at Corporate Secretary Magazine


What clients say

"Integrity and ethical behaviour at the board level is under intense scrutiny in our current climate of financial crises and corporate failures. Minutes that include the must-have items and exclude risky practices are a director's best defense to evidence the seriousness with which the role is taken. Those same minutes are also imperative in protecting the organizations that directors serve.


Beyond just a book for minute-takers and corporate secretaries, AAA+ Minutes™ sets out not just the key fundamental principles that can apply to organizations in any sector, but gives practical advice on how to implement them. It is sure to be an invaluable resource for every director, corporate secretary and minute-taker out there."


~ Errol P. Mendes

Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

University of Ottawa ~ 

Shout outs

My thanks to Ty Francis for the invite to moderate the Canada Think Tank last week. It was a great event!


Thanks also and especially to Karen Bissel - the Queen of event management - who made it all happen.

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