June 7, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Confetti Colors
Dawn Omboy 
How can you not smile when you see this? We love how a little pop of color makes a big impact.
The "Queen of Color," Dawn Omboy shows you an easy color application. It's fabulous for holidays or wherever specific colors would indicate support - like for a sports team. In this lesson, it was mid-March. Dawn chose a variety of spring colors to showcase this technique.
Creative talent is not needed for this color application. It's simply finger painting on a dog. There are a few ways to apply the color. Dawn and her assistant show you how to quickly work around the dog to apply the dye to the coat for a "confetti" look. Dawn talks about products she loves and why. She talks about creating balance with the colors as they apply them to their model.
With this technique you can go as light or as heavy with color as you want. There is no right or wrong. Whichever you choose, the end result is guaranteed to attract attention and get a smile.

Approximate total running time:  22 minutes

In this lesson, you will learn: 
  • how to prevent the color from bleeding together.
  • what cover Dawn uses to protect her table.
  • how to easily put on rubber gloves.
  • what products produce the most vibrant colors.
  • how to achieve balance with your colors.


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From the Archives!  
Super Fast - Super Simple Bandana Creations                 

In this mini lesson, Michell shares with you a great way to make bandanas. It's super-fast. It's super-simple. What can be better than that? However, if you don't have the correct tools; you won't have the same results.

There is also a method to cutting the fabric that makes it go fast and easy too. Join Michell as she shows you how to create your own custom bandanas.

They are fun. And they are a fabulous way to add sparkle to your finished grooming jobs. Your clients will love 'em!

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