May 24, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Shears: Straight, Curved & Sizes
Karen Tucker, NCMG   
Join award-winning pet stylist, Karen Tucker as she talks about tools no groomer or stylist can live without - shears. Whether it's straights or curves, you need an assortment of varied shear lengths in your toolkit. As Karen talks about each shear style, she demonstrates how they work on a freshly fluffed out Miniature Poodle.
For years, Karen has been assisting the Geib shear company test and sell their premium shears. You can regularly find Karen at the Geib booth at major grooming shows around the country. She has helped thousand find the right shear for their needs. There is not one shear - or even two shears - that can do it all for you. To be proficient with your styling skills, you will need a wide variety of scissors to get the job done.
With thousands of shears available to the professional pet stylist, is no wonder many of us become serious collectors. In this lesson, Karen helps the newer pet stylist understand why you need more than a handful of scissors in your personal collection.

Approximate total running time:  21 minutes
In this lesson, you will learn: 
  • where to use straight shears.
  • where to use curved shears.
  • when you can scissor sideways on a coat and when should you scissor down.
  • why there is a variance in curved shears.
  • where to use curved shears in reverse.


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From the Archives!  
Managing your Appointment Book & Your Day                

Jarbas has a unique way of managing all of his appointments, his platform works on time-outs, not necessarily time-in. This is a high volume salon that specializes in personalized service and high-quality grooms.

Join Jarbas in this lesson as he shares with you his secrets on what makes The Dog From Ipanema run smoothly seven days a week. (Yes, they groom on Sundays too!) He will take you through the entire process, showing you first hand how his system works, allowing for easy pet tracking management and solid communication practices for his entire team.

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