May 10, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Short Creative Bits
Pony Loop Tool & Working with Colored Combs
Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a top creative pet stylist. She is always coming up with fresh and unique ways to work with fur. Many of Angela's ideas are suitable for everyday salon grooming. These are two of them. We have combined both short lessons in this video.
In the first lesson, Angela works with a pony loop tool. These tools are great for dogs that have banded topknots - or any type of banding when you want to add a little flair. The end result is a loose way to keep the hair pulled up and out of the way. You can do it once or do multiple topknots. If you do a succession, it looks something like a French braid - but a lot easier.
In the second lesson, Angela shows you how to work with Colored Combs. These are brand-new on the market. They are perfect for adding a touch of temporary color to the ears of the tail - or anywhere else on the dog where the coat is longer. Our model for this demonstration is a full-coated Shih Tzu. Angela shows you how you can band off the coat and then add the color in no time.
Both of these techniques can quickly and easily be applied in your own salon with the right tools. It's a fun and easy way to add color to your client's pet - and a little bit more cash in your pocket.

Session A: How to Work with a Pony Loop Tool for Tie-ups
Session B: Working with Colored Combs for Temporary Color

Approximate total running time:  20 minutes
In this lesson, you will learn: 
  • which guard works the best to leave the coat fluffy.
  • how to trim the ears for a puppy-ish look.
  • why it is important to start with the feet when it comes to trimming legs.
  • how to bring out the expression in the eyes.
  • what comb works the best to pull out the last little strays on the head.


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From the Archives!  
Grooming the Australian Terrier                

Long time stylist and trainer, Debbie Beckwith, takes you through the process of correctly grooming an Australian Terrier.

She uses hand stripping techniques, combined with thinning shears to get the proper look on this harsh-coated dog. You may not have Australian Terriers walking through your salon door, but if you do, this is the video for you! As a bonus, she'll show you how you can easily apply these grooming tactics on any Terrier or mixed breed dog with a similar coat type.

The simple techniques Debbie uses promote a harsh coat that is rich with color. Throughout the video lessons, you'll hear tips and tricks to make your grooming job quick and safe.

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