April 12, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Conversations From Judy's Back Porch 
Judy Hudson, NCMG

Judy Hudson is one of our most popular Training Partners on Learn2GroomDogs.com. She travels the world demonstrating grooming skills to pet professionals. When she is not in front of an audience or a video camera, she grooms dogs just like you.

Judy tells it like it is - and we love it! She has a very distinctive communication style. It's real. It's straight-forward. It cuts to the chase. Her comments are peppered with what we now refer to as "Judy-isms." Why? Because no one can drive points home like Judy Hudson!
Judy has a large following on Facebook. We know many of you already follow her morning inspirational FB posts from her back porch. If you're a Judy fan, you've probably caught some of her posts from her back porch. This is a live version of those posts.
In this lesson, Judy tackles four questions she has been asked over and over again: 
  • how do you know when to stop carding?
  • how do you know when a dog is clean?
  • how do you know when there are no mats left in the coat?
  • how does an experienced groomer continue to learn?
Be prepared to be inspired and smile. Judy has a knack of leaving you feeling like you can handle anything.
Session A: Judy's Welcome/How do you know when to stop carding?
Session B: How do you know when a dog is clean?
Session C: How do you know when there are no mats left in the coat?
Session D: How does an experienced groomer continue to learn/Closing thoughts from Judy

Approximate total running time:  20 minutes


It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!
From the Archives!  
Basic Business Development for a Cat Grooming Clientele               

How many clients are in your database? What is the average price for your grooms? What does it take to grow a business? In this presentation, Danelle gives you tips to work out these critical details. She discusses advertising options, cat owner value, the #1 goal of all service providers, plus - how to effectively fire a client.

This presentation is geared towards cat grooming. However, it is filled with valuable information that crosses easily over into the dog world. If you are a business owner, or thinking about opening your own salon, this is a presentation not to miss.

Do you have a busy salon?  
Are you thinking of adding to your team,
but you don't have time to train them?
Your new groomers can learn quickly - and they don't have to travel to do it!

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