March 22, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
The Simplicity of a #5 All Trim
Suesan Watson, CMG, NCMG

In this lesson, award-winning stylist Suesan Watson takes us back to the basics: a simple #5 all over trim with a nice round head. It may not be very exciting, but it's one of the most commonly requested trims we get.
Sue does this exact haircut every day in the salon, just like you. Once the dog is bathed and blown dry, the trim should only take 20 to 25 minutes to complete. Neat. Clean. Tidy. Those are the goals of a #5 all.
Sue says it's important to know your coat types. You will have three blade options to work with. She walks you through the steps to determine which blade will work the best based on the type of fur the dog has.
Even though this dog is good for most of the grooming process, she is a bit fussy on the legs. That doesn't faze Sue. She calmly continues to work with the fussy dog. Sue explains how she's handling the dog and why. The corrections she makes are effective. The dog settles down nicely with Sue's gentle - yet firm - handling techniques.
When you're dealing with this basic trim, there's not a whole lot you can do with the body. But the head? That's another story. As Sue says, "The face is the most important part. It will make the entire groom. You need to spend time." She shows you how to do a very cute head. Not only is it quick, it instantly gives the dog a youthful face lift.
Sue reminds us, that even with these basic, short haircuts, it's important to pay attention to the details.Those details will bring your clients back every time.
Session A: Clipper Work on the Body
Session B: Trimming the Feet and Legs
Session C: Styling the Head

Approximate total running time:  57 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • 3 different blade options do use on this haircut.
  • where you should set your lines for the head.
  • how to work with a dog that does not want its legs touched.
  • a unique way to style the ears.
  • how to style the head for a more youthful look.

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From the Archives!  
Working with Chalk            

In this Learn2GroomDogs lesson, award-winning creative stylists Angela Kumpe and Lori Craig show you how to apply brightly colored chalk to the coat. This is a very inexpensive color application to apply. It can be done on short or long coated dogs. Chalk also works on both light and dark colored pets.

The chalk can be applied in different ways. In this video, a flower is trimmed into the coat on the hip. Without color, the flower is very hard to see, but with colored chalk the flower pops right out. It's bright. It's fun. Next, you'll learn a simple way to apply color to highlight the ears for a multi-tone effect.

There are a number of different products to choose from. Angela and Lori will share with you what to look for when selecting chalk to use with creative pet styling. Plus, they'll tell you where you can get it. And best of all, this is not a permanent color. It will wash out with a few shampoos.

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