March 15, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Grooming a Show Style English Springer Spaniel 
Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich

We love it award-winning pet stylist Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich is on the L2GD set. We always know we're in for a special treat. Pina did not disappoint our film team or the live audience for this high-level grooming demonstration.
In this lesson, Pina works with a lovely English Springer Spaniel. He  came in with plenty of coat - AND he had been shaved just a year before! Even Pina was amazed at how thick and healthy the coat was on this boy.
Pina set to work showing the audience how to deal with an overabundance of coat. She used show grooming techniques on the entire dog. Her clipper work was limited to the head, feet, and under the tail. Other than that, Pina worked the entire coat utilizing carding and hand-stripping techniques combined with a limited amount of thinning shear work.
"The entire goal with a Sporting dog is to keep it looking very natural," Pina states. "It should look like the coat simply grew that way."
Pina shows the audience how to get the right look for the contest arena, certification testing, or even the conformation ring. She discusses how to apply the breed standard to the trimming process. Plus, she talked about her favorite tools and products for this coat type.
When you combine knowledge about canine anatomy and breed standards with proper techniques, you'll always get superior results.
This was an incredible lesson for the aspiring high-end pet stylist or those talented groomers who want to take their skills to the next level.
Session A:  Clipper Work and Hand-Stripping the Body Coat 
Session B: Shaping the Head 
Session C: Thighs, Outlining the Dog, and Dealing with Long Topcoat
Session D: Feet, Hocks, Undercarriage, and Final Detail
Session E: (BONUS) Live Questions and Answers from the Audience

Approximate total running time:  73 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • how to get a velvet finish on a Sporting dog muzzle.
  • how to tell whether the coat is alive or dead.
  • what to do if you get a little too close and expose the skin.
  • how to set the undercarriage line.
  • how to outline the colors on the Springer Spaniel.

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From the Archives!  
Basic Handling Techniques for Small, Medium, Large, and Special Needs Dogs           

This is a great lesson for a novice groomer or anyone that struggles with winning the trust and cooperation of a dog. Michell Evans is a highly skilled pet stylist with a lifetime of grooming experience.

Michell is also an experienced teacher in the dog grooming profession. She has traveled extensively with her business, The Grooming Tutor, coaching and teaching pet lovers around the world.
In this lesson for L2GD, Michell walks you through the basics of pet handling on multiple dogs. She shows you typical holds any pet professional will need to use when grooming a dog. Michell also discusses the importance of a safety loop and how to adjust it correctly.

She starts with small, medium and large pets plus a large dog with some physical limitations. She focuses on a number of areas while working with all dogs.

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