February 16, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Bring Out the Cuteness Factor
in a Shih Tzu/Pomeranian Mix
Suesan Watson NCMG, CMG

Suesan Watson is a respected contest stylist and judge who grooms everyday pets, just like you. In this lesson, Sue is working on a dog that arrived sight unseen. When she met this little guy, her jaw dropped and she instantly reached for him. "OMG, he's so flippin' CUTE!" she exclaimed - and that was without a haircut!
This little fuzzball was what every talented stylist dreams about. A little dog that has the potential to be so cute, it could be a stuffed toy!
Sue shows you how to get that plush, soft look on the body. Getting it neat and tidy is important - but that's not the "masterpiece" of this haircut. She wastes no time zeroing in on the key feature of this trim: the head. But before Sue gets started, she does something unconventional with the top of the head to tone down a problem. Once she starts styling the head, the magic happens. By making subtle changes, she creates a huge impact in adorableness.
Sue demonstrates how to get this cute, plush, and cuddly look. She only uses guard combs and straight shears. Throughout the lesson, Sue talks about how to handle Toy dogs. She discusses typical attitudes many bring to the grooming table. Plus, she demonstrates many effective handling tactics that work with our smallest four-legged clients.

Session A: Clipper work, setting the body, and trimming the legs 
Session B: Styling the head and finish work   
Approximate total running time:  56 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • where to set the pattern line for the head.
  • how to deal with a little dog that is fussy for leg work.
  • how to style the ears.
  • how to stack the coat so the head stays cute long after the dog leaves the salon.


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From the Archives!  
Easy Salon Add-Ons for Everyday Clients         

Angela Kumpe never ceases to amaze us. She is constantly coming up with new and different creative styling ideas. Her range of creativity is diverse. Many of her ideas are so simple they can be applied in moments. But she doesn't just stay with simple ideas - she runs the gamut all the way up to elaborate and complicated!

In this lesson, Angela wanted to keep it basic. She demonstrates six easy creative salon add-ons for everyday clients. All six applications can be found in her latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Salon Creative published by Barkleigh Publications.

All six of these creative ideas only take a few moments to do. They are super economical and easy. And even though each application only cost the client between $3-$6 on average, it adds quickly to your bottom line.

If you haven't jumped into selling creative add-on sales in your salon, this is a great video to watch. These are an easy up-sell for any grooming business. And it's a whole lot more fun than telling an owner you have to charge them an extra dematting fee!

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