February 9, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Grooming a Show Style Kerry Blue Terrier
Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich

Award-winning pet stylist Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich tells her audience this is one of her favorite breeds in the whole world. "This is one of the sexiest dogs out there." When they're done well, we have to agree! There's nothing more breathtaking than a beautifully put together Kerry Blue Terrier.
The essence of the breed is a "perfect combination of elegance and power. That needs to come out in your grooming." According to their breed standard, they should be upstanding, well-knit, and in good balance. Their body is well-developed and muscular. They are tenacious with definite Terrier style. In this lesson, Pina shows you how to bring out those characteristics through grooming.
When dealing with a highly sculpted dog like the Kerry Blue, Pina believes you get your best results using primarily scissors and thinners to trim the coat. As she goes through the lesson, she talks about the breed standard, how and where to set angles on the dog, and the "blue" color. As Pina says, "Who knew you would need to know geometry to groom dogs?" Ok - not in-depth geometry but some basic knowledge is very helpful!
Pina is a fabulous high-level educator in our industry. She shares a wealth of knowledge in this grooming lesson that can easily be applied to other breeds.
This entire lesson is filmed before a live audience.

Session A: Clipper work, setting the body and head shapes, and marcelling the coat 
Session B: Trimming the legs and finish work 
Approximate total running time:  53 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • ways apply the 2/3 to 1/3 balance principle.
  • how to set in the correct angles in the coat even if the dog doesn't have perfect structure.
  • 3 ways to set the marcel wave into the coat.
  • how to set the perfect crest every time.
  • how to get a "well let down hock" on a Kerry Blue.


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From the Archives!  
Grooming a Bouvier des Flandres        

Many of you have requested this grooming lesson. We are thrilled to bring you Beckett, a 14-month-old AKC Champion Bouvier des Flandres! This large and powerful breed has a coat that can be surprisingly maintenance-free. These dogs should not be overly trimmed and should appear very natural, rough-coated, and rugged.

In this lesson Jennifer guides you through a traditional hand-stripped Bouvier trim. She talks about the breed standard, what the breed was originally bred to do, what type of coat a Bouvier "should have" if the coat is correct, and where to set the pattern lines. Jen also talks about the tools needed to get the proper look for the breed.

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