February 2, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Capturing the Essence of a Miniature Schnauzer Using Pet Grooming Techniques
Kathy Rose

In this lesson, Kathy Rose follows the principles she writes about in her Barkleigh Groomer-to-Groomer column. She demonstrates what she writes about and does every day in her own successful salon.
How many of you have Miniature Schnauzers who look just like this dog? They come into your salons every week, right?
This Schnauzer is tall and lanky. He's got a few conformational challenges. Plus, he has one of those typical nightmare coats. It's soft and silky - making it almost impossible to get a nice finish. How do you handle it? How do create a somewhat correct breed profile trim on a less than perfect specimen?
Kathy walks you through the grooming steps, making the most out of this pet Schnauzer. She demonstrates procedures she regularly uses to attain a breed profile trim while applying typical pet grooming practices. Kathy shows you how to achieve nice results with carding, clipping, guard-combs, and scissoring techniques. During the lesson, Kathy shares the products and tools she uses every day to get great results.
In the end, this pet sports the classic rectangular head. Well-shaped, triangular eyebrows. A nicely arched neck. His body is streamlined showing off both his physical structure and coat texture. And the undercarriage wraps nicely under his spring of ribs accentuating the depth and chest and a well-balanced dog.
We love how Kathy takes this fuzzy Miniature Schnauzer and turns him into a respectable looking fella in very little time.

Session A: Setting the Body Pattern
Session B: Blocking in the Head
Session C: Trimming the Legs and Chest
Session D: Finishing the Tail and Head
Approximate total running time:  72 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • ways carding before clipping helps enhance the overall groom.
  • how to set the pattern lines on the head.
  • how to set the undercarriage for style and balance.
  • how to safely trim ears.
  • how to shape the classic Schnauzer eyebrows.


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From the Archives!  
Why Get Certified?       

In this lesson, L2GD founder Melissa Verplank has a discussion with Michell Evans about why she choose to get certified. More mystifying, why in the world she opted to get tested in all THREE organizations!

Her first evaluation was an eye opener. She thought she'd breeze in and pass the tests with flying colors. At the time, she didn't even know what she didn't know! Her first set of grades proved she needed to learn a lot more.

Michell is enthusiastic about her career and doing the best job possible. With each certification test, she learned a little bit more. The more she understood - the more she wanted to know. She became addicted to education. That knowledge gave her the confidence to truly respect herself as a professional pet stylist. That type of self-assurance will always enhance your career.

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