January 26, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Do a Pet Strip/Clip on a Border Terrier
Suesan Watson, NCMG, CMG

Suesan Watson is a respected contest stylist and a Wahl platform demonstrator. She is also a third generation pet stylist. She and her sister, Lisa Leady, literally grew up on the grooming room floor!
In this video lesson, Sue works with a pet Border Terrier. It's long and overgrown. She is a little antsy. It is typical of what you would see in your grooming salon. Sue is very hesitant to pick up a pair of clippers to groom the dog. If she did, she would totally destroy the texture and color. The good news is there are options!
Border Terriers are one of the easier dogs to groom properly, utilizing hand-stripping techniques. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, this is a wonderful breed to start with. When compared to other Terriers, Borders have one of the easier coats with which to work.
Sue gives you a great option that combines hand-stripping and clipping. This technique retains the majority of the harsh texture and color while promoting healthy skin and coat. However, hand-stripping can be time-consuming. Plus, if it is not done on a regular basis, you will not get the best results.
Sue shows you how easy it can be. Once you get the rhythm down, the entire process goes quite quickly. The majority of the coat is hand-stripped. The limited amount of clipper work is done to smooth out the last of the rough edges. By the time Sue finishes this little dog, she is a fine representation of the breed.
Approximate total running time:  54 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • how to make the hand-stripping process easier for the pet.
  • How to prevent clipping or breaking the coat while hand-stripping.
  • methods for practicing this technique.
  • which blades mimic the look of the hand-stripped coat.
  • how to detail the head to get the correct "otter" look.


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From the Archives!  
Quick n Easy Pet Bichon Trim      

Award-winning stylist, Amy Triezenberg shows you how she grooms every day pet Bichons in the salon. She modifies the trim so that it short and easy to care for. (A bonus to the pet stylist!) It's an easy haircut to do. Amy does leave some of the fur long in key areas. By doing this, she can maintains the essence of a Bichon.
In this lesson, Amy shows you how to set in the pattern using guard combs and body structure. She shares some of her best shortcuts to minimize time and scissoring. The end result is a haircut that represents the breed nicely. Yet it is shorter and easy to care for the pet owner.

This lesson is loaded with great tips, so get your pencil ready to take notes. Or set up your tablet next to your grooming station the next time you need to groom a Bichon.

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