January 5, 2016 Newsletter
New Video Release
Grooming a Shih Tzu with an 
Asian Influenced Head Style
Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose does a marvelous make-over on this cute little Shih Tzu.
"Molly" has one of those difficult coats commonly seen in the grooming salon. It's straight, lacks volume and body, and the coat is full of cowlicks. Simply put, it's difficult to get the coat smooth and looking good - no matter what you do. Sound familiar?
Kathy shows you her tricks for dealing with this coat. She uses a combination of guard combs and a variety of thinning shears to smooth it out. Instead of focusing on getting the body and legs perfect, Kathy turns her attention to the most important part of the dog: the head.
She totally changes the head style from an overgrown standard round head style to something with hints of Asian influence. The end result is adorable while still being practical for both the pet and the owner.
You've seen Kathy Rose's work in her column for Groomer to Groomer magazine, called Bread & Butter Grooming. In this L2GD lesson, Kathy captures the essence of her column on video as she shows you how to get this fabulous look, step-by-step.
Approximate total running time:  62 minutes

Part 1: Setting the Body Pattern
Part 2:
Trimming the Legs & Chest
Part 3:
Styling the Head and Final Finish

In this video you will learn:
  • how to tackle a difficult coat and get it smooth.
  • which tools and products will help the most.
  • how to round out the feet quickly and safely.
  • proper handling techniques to use when a pet objects to clippers around the eyes.
  • how to prevent accidentally trimming off long eyelashes.


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From the Archives!  
Creating a Cute, Easy-to-Care-For Trim
on a Pet Maltese      

In the contest ring, Veronica Frosch is well known for her exquisite grooming skills on Poodles and adorable mixed breeds. When it comes to drop coat styling, she loves that clean and crisp look - but never sharp. In this lesson, she demonstrates how to groom a pet Maltese in an adorable pet trim. She uses Wahl snap-on combs and oversized blenders for most of the haircut to get a super soft look. As Veronica says, 'It's all in the details' when it comes to creating a high quality trim that owners will love.

In this lesson, Veronica shares loads of those little details that make a big impact on this trim style.

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