December 29, 2015 Newsletter
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Grooming the Pet Maltese 
in a Cute Puppy Cut  
Veronica Frosch  

"It's all in the details" when it comes to creating a high quality trim that owners will love. In this lesson, Veronica shares loads of those little details that make a big impact on this trim style.

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How to Create a Boo Trim
on a Pet Pomeranian
Judy Hudson 

In this lesson, Judy sets in the popular "Boo Trim" on a full-coated Pomeranian. As she moves through the process, she tells you what she thinking, doing - and most importantly - why she is doing it.

How to Remove Mats
and Tangles in the Tub
Judy Hudson  

This dog does not get groomed very often.  Combined with a lack of obedience, this can be an issue for pet groomers. Judy sets the stage for a more positive grooming experience.

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Trimming a Round Head
on a Drop Coated Dog 
Melissa Verplank

The simplest way to create a round head style for drop coated breeds is done with clippers. Melissa guides the viewer through the steps, in full detail, to get the perfect head - consistently - every time.

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Grooming a Shih Tzu in a Teddy Bear Trim  
Judy Hudson  

The owner likes this Shih Tzu cute, but not too long. Judy opts for a guard comb trim with slightly fuller legs.  Learn how to quickly work around the dog to create the cute teddy bear style trim.

Bathing and Drying
a Curly Coat
Misty Fowler  

Dogs that have this type of coat lend themselves to some of the widest varieties of haircuts. Typical breeds with this coat type include Bichons, Poodles, and many mixed breeds.

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Grooming the Pet West Highland White Terrier  
Suesan Watson  

Westies have a trim style that is specific, yet easy to apply.  Learn how to get a natural look using a combination of clipping, thinning, and stripping tactics to get "the look" on any Westie.

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Melissa Verplank  

Learn the key reference points used to groom dogs to accentuate balance and style, set pattern lines, as well as handle the dog safely and comfortably based on its structural limitations.

Attach-On Comb
Tricks & Tips
Melissa Verplank  

By using attach-on or guard combs, you can create a very appealing haircut that mimics the look of hand scissoring. Attach-on combs offer a wide variety of lengths from which to choose.

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Number 1
Prep Work on a Poodle:
Face, Feet, Tail, Ears & Nails
Judy Hudson  
In this lesson, professional stylist Judy Hudson walks you through the basics with this young Standard Poodle.  As Judy says, "The clipper work is the foundation of all good grooming!"

She shows you how to get that perfectly clean face, feet, and tail, quickly and safely.  The camera angles with this session are right up close and personal.  If you've ever been in a demonstration and couldn't quite see, you won't have that problem with this video lesson.  It's just like you're standing right next to Judy watching every single move.

As a bonus, Judy also talks about cleaning and plucking the ears.  She also discusses products and tips that keep the ear healthy. Finally, she talks about trimming nails and grinding them for smoothness.

This video lesson is full of good sound basic information.  If you are a new groomer just starting out, this is the video not to miss.  If you are a groomer who is struggling to get perfectly clean clipper work (especially around those pesky toes), Judy's insight will be immensely helpful.

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