December 15, 2015 Newsletter
Helpful Year End Tips from the Pros!

The holiday season can be a hectic time for professional pet groomers.
We've pulled together some of our favorite videos that will help you enjoy
this festive - and busy - time of year.

Shop Maintenance 101        

Many of us are guilty of this, we ignore basic maintenance of our salons. We're just too busy grooming dogs! But overlooking these items will slow down your productivity or, worse yet, could be just down-right dangerous!

Marc shares some of the more routine items that need to be addressed to keep your salon running smoothly. We are headed into one of the busiest grooming times of the year, the holiday season! Is your shop ready to handle the load? In this lesson, Marc rolls up his sleeves to tackle dryers, tub drains, laundry dryers, hot water heaters, vents, hydraulic tables, and much more.


Andis Clipper & Blade Maintenance        

Clippers and blades are a large investment for the professional pet groomer. Every piece of mechanical equipment needs routine care. Keeping your clippers and blades well serviced ensures you get years of use from your grooming tools.

Top pet stylist Michell Evans, demonstrates how to properly maintain Andis equipment.

For this demonstration, she uses three clippers:
  • Andis Excel 5 Speed
  • Pulse Ion
  • AGR Rechargeable
In this L2GD lesson, Michell shows you how to routinely service these clippers. She also shows you how to clean and disinfect clipper blades. Keeping your blades well serviced ensures they run smoothly between sharpenings.

Preparing for the Holiday Rush       

The holidays are just around the corner, are you ready?

This video is your checklist to make sure you have everything you need before the rush hits.  Major topics include: 
  • salon maintenance,
  • creating the holiday image,
  • and getting through those adorable pooches while still staying in the holiday spirit.

Tails from Holidays Past        

In this video session, all four of us sit down together to talk about lessons we've learned from holidays past. With over 113 years of experience between us, we have a lot to share!

We talk about some of the highlights that stand out in our minds as professional pet groomers and stylists. Some of the lessons are just fun and silly, while others share a lesson to be learned. We cover tips and tricks that apply to busy salons as well as mobile grooming. Grab a cup of eggnog and join us for this holiday lesson.  

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