November 24, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
If I Had a Crystal Ball
Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG

Danelle German exploded into the grooming industry less than 10 years ago, yet she has accomplished more in those few years than most of us accomplish in a lifelong career.
It all started when she attended her first grooming show. She was motivated and excited to learn. After all, it was a huge grooming trade show and she was a lonely, self-taught cat groomer out of South Carolina. She was so disappointed at the show because there was absolutely nothing on the program that focused on feline grooming. She was extremely frustrated at the lack of information, education, and products for cat groomers.
...and that's what started the ball rolling. Danelle became an innovator for the cat grooming movement.
Danelle has conquered so much in a very short time. How has she done it? Simple: she loves challenges. As she climbs one mountain, the view at the top is stimulating. She sees many other hilltops and mountains to climb. Inspiration is never in short supply.
In this interview, Learn2Groom founder, Melissa Verplank sits down to uncover many of the driving forces behind Danelle's string of accomplishments. Together they look into Danelle German's crystal ball to see what the future might hold for this amazing visionary and the world of feline grooming.
Approximate total running time:  24 minutes

In this video you will learn:
  • how she got her start in the cat grooming industry.
  • what inspires Danelle to come up with new ideas.
  • why she closed her highly successful cat grooming school.
  • how to stay on the "cutting edge" with your business and career.
  • what is on the horizon for Danelle German.


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From the Archives!  
Yorkie with a Round Head  

The round head style is one we all do over and over again in our salons. In this lesson, Kendra focuses just on the head of this cute Yorkie. She shows you how to get the look with a little clipper work and a lot of thinning shear trimming. The camera work is so tight, you feel like you are standing right next to Kendra as she does the trim! You'll see every detail up close and personal.

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