November 17, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
Everyday Salon Styles:
Trimming the Senior Pet Westie
Kathy Rose 

Kathy Rose demonstrates how to groom a senior West Highland White Terrier in a modified pet trim. She retains the essence of the breed while shortening the coat in an easy to maintain haircut for the owners. Thankfully, this old girl is a doll to work on, even at 15 years old!
Kathy shares her tricks on how to modify the trim for an older dog. Throughout the lesson, she talks about how to handle a geriatric pet combined with important safety aspects unique to them. Plus, she talks about how to get around a landmine of warts and skin tags. The haircut she demonstrates is fast and super easy for both the dog and the owners. Kathy shows you ways to minimize the amount of time it takes to do the trim. This is important for a mature dog that tires easily on the grooming table.
You've seen Kathy Rose's work in Groomer to Groomer magazine. She writes a regular column for them called "Bread & Butter Grooming." In this L2GD lesson, Kathy captures the essence of her column on video. This is a typical pet that would walk into any grooming salon - anywhere.
Approximate total running time:  51 minutes

Part 1: 
Setting the Body Pattern
Part 2: 
Styling the Head and Final Finish

In this video you will learn:
  • how to avoid warts and skin tags.
  • ways to keep the pet safe on the grooming table.
  • how to complete the bulk of the trim with clippers.
  • how to visualize the three circles of the head.
  • great products that can help you style the coat.


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From the Archives!  
Basic Shear Control for a Velvet Finish 

Colin has become the undeniable master of the art of hand scissoring. He has honed his craft on some the most challenging coats. In this session, Colin shows you how to get that velvet finish on the dog's coat. We love his analogy, "Scissors are like shoes." Since this industry is dominated by women - and you gals love your shoes - you'll be able to relate when Colin discusses why it's necessary to have a wide variety of shears in your collection.

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