October 13, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Do a Toy Poodle in a Teddy Bear Trim 
Amy Triezenberg 

Every grooming salon has this type of client. They want their adult dog to look like it did when they first brought it home - like a puppy. Especially the head. The expression should be soft and sweet. Award-winning pet stylist, Amy Triezenberg, has isolated what captures this youthful look on a mature Toy Poodle.
In this lesson, Amy demonstrates how to get this look. To save time, she sets the body with guard combs. Once the body pattern is set, she hand scissors the legs so they are fuller and slightly fluffy.
Amy believes in getting through the body work as quickly as possible. She has plenty of ideas to make this happen. She demonstrates shortcuts and tips to swiftly move through this part of the trimming process.
According to Amy, the head is the most critical part of the entire haircut. If she is going to take extra time on a haircut, this is where she will take it. To get that youthful expression, the entire head is done by hand scissoring. Her techniques accentuate that "puppy-ish" look that his owners are after.
Typical of many Toy Poodles, this little guy is a bit fussy. He moves around quite a bit. Amy sprinkles handling advice throughout the entire lesson. She shows you now to win the trust and cooperation of a slightly challenging grooming candidate.
Approximate total running time:  23 minutes

Part 1:
Trimming the Body and the Legs
Part 2:
Styling the Head    
In this video you will learn:
  • how to block in the coat to save time and effort.
  • great handling tips for a fussy dog.
  • ways to handle difficult areas safely and effectively.
  • how to bring out a charming expression.
  • how to build layers into the head.


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From the Archives!  
Can We Talk? How to Deal with Geriatric Pet       

There comes a time when every professional pet groomer must deal with an elderly dog, the feeble dog, or the dog who is dealing with dementia. They can be challenging, but with the proper mindset and some basic skills you can help keep the pet safe and secure.

In this session, Suesan Watson shows you how to deal with the older pet. Her experience comes from a career full of dealing with pets of all ages.

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