October 6, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
Fix-It Tips Using a Kerry Blue Terrier
Jennifer Hecker, CMG  

This is a great lesson on how to fix common grooming errors we see coming out of grooming salons everywhere. Sharp lines. The dreaded buffalo crest. Bushy tails. The diaper butt. All problems you see in every day pet grooming.
Award-winning stylist, Jennifer Hecker uses an overgrown Kerry Blue Terrier for this demonstration but the tips are universal. They can be transferred to many other purebreds or mixed breeds.
This is a breed she does not have the opportunity to work on very often - and that's OK. She shares how she personally works through a breed that's unfamiliar. She shows you that if you have strong foundation skills, you can groom any breed. The key is finding excellent representation of the breed you are working on. Jennifer even gives you some great ideas as to where you can find great resource images to work from.
Jennifer says if you have good basic skill sets, you can room any dog reasonably well. Bring out the proper breed profile. Balance out the dog. Set angulation. Camouflage faults. Highlight good points. Jennifer makes it look easy. She uses primarily clippers to set in the trim using a wide range of blade lengths. She only pulls out her shears to deal with the legs, crest, and a little on the head.
The trick to grooming any breed (or mixed breed) well is learning how to translate what your eyes see using solid pet grooming core skills.
Approximate total running time:  40 minutes    
In this video you will learn:
  • the order to work with your blades for maximum efficiency.
  • where to get great images of purebred dogs.
  • how to work safely on the undercarriage when you're trimming it close.
  • how to quickly remove coat on and overgrown leg.
  • what your goal should be when adding the crest.


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From the Archives!  
How to Groom a Pet Old English Sheepdog
in a Long Puppy Cut      

Jeri grooms anywhere from 20 to 30 OES per month, (yes, we all agree she's crazy!). In this demonstration, she trims a show coat into a more manageable length. Accentuating key points such as the steep angle over the rear, a rise over the loin, cylindrical front legs, a pear shaped body, and the classic Old English head helps this dog retain much of the OES charm. She has removed over half the total length of coat with scissors and blending shears. This dog has an amazing thick, dense coat. As Jeri says, "It's like trimming carpet." Join Jeri as she molds and sculpts this dog into one that has loads of personality and style.

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