September 1, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Give an Attractive Haircut to a
Matted Pet Without Losing Time
Amy Triezenberg  

Every salon has them... the client that wants a cute trim on their beloved pet. The problem is that the dog is matted. REALLY matted.
Your automatic response is to go for the naked look - #7 all special. But what if you could leave a little extra coat for some style? What if it wouldn't take you any longer to do than a normal haircut? What if I told you it could be done without any stress to the dog? Would you do it?
When award-winning pet stylist Amy Triezenberg told us her plans for this dog, we were skeptical. The dog had some serious matting going on. Behind the ears. The chest and  shoulders. The legs. The tail. This dog was in rough shape. And the icing on the cake? The dog was older and blind in one eye!
This sounds like one of your typical pet clients, doesn't it?
Once the cameras started rolling, we knew Amy was onto something. She did an amazing job on this matted Shih Tzu. Guess what? It didn't take her much longer to do this haircut than on a dog mat-free dog. Not once did this dog get upset with anything Amy was doing. She kept its safety, comfort, and dignity at the forefront of everything she was doing.
As Amy says, "You may have some long spots. Some short spots. Holes or thin spots. That's OK. Don't expect perfection on a dog you are dematting. It doesn't have to go home perfectly even. The idea is for it to be a little fluffy and the dog does not have a bad experience."
Amy shows you her tricks to power through a matted coat without dematting it first. She demonstrates shortcuts to give a matted pet a stylish haircut in no time. She even gives you hints on how to communicate with the owner. Plus, she gives you ideas on what to charge for your services.
In the end, this dog turns out super cute. We can't imagine any owner that wouldn't be happy with this haircut. Amy was able to salvage the coat even though it was overgrown and very tangled.

Approximate total running time:  72 minutes    
Part 1: Assessing the Pet & Talking to the Owner          
Part 2: Working Through the Body 
Part 3: Salvaging Sections
Part 4: Adding Style  
Part 5: Styling the Head  

In this video you will learn:
  • how to set up the coat so a guard comb can get through it.
  • what should - or shouldn't - be shaved off.
  • ways to help the owner understand your efforts.
  • two trigger points that can set off a pet owner.
  • how to make an older dog look like a puppy.


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