August 25, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Do a Pet Handstrip on a Wire Fox Terrier
Jennifer Hecker, CMG  

Do you have harsh coated breeds coming into your salon that would benefit from hand-stripping? This grooming technique preserves the correct texture and bright color of the coat. Both of these characteristics are lost if a harsh coated breed is trimmed with clippers.
Unfortunately, totally hand-stripping a dog can be a timely process. It can be costly, too. So how can you preserve the proper coat text texture while making it economical with every day pets?
Award-winning pet stylist, Jennifer Hecker, shows you her version of the pet hand-strip. She demonstrates the hand stripping techniques necessary to preserve the coat texture. Jennifer also shows you where you can cheat. There are certain areas on the dog where it just makes more sense to trim the coat. Using clippers or blenders is easier on the dog and it also speeds up the grooming process.
To be effective with hand stripping, the majority of the work is done before bathing the dog. For this lesson, Jennifer has not bathed this pet Wire Fox Terrier. (She does recommend bathing a pet hand-strip to detail out the final trim before sending the pet home.) Her focus in this video is on effective coat removal methods that promote proper coat texture that are also economical. You can use these same methods every day in your salon, too.

Approximate total running time:  40 minutes    
In this video you will learn:
  • how often a pet hand-stripped dog needs to visit your salon in order to keep the coat rolled.
  • how to set the body pattern on a Wire Fox Terrier.
  • which clipper blades can be used to help speed up the grooming process.
  • what products work well to enhance a harsh coat texture.
  • how to price your pet hand-stripping services.


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From the Archives!  
Standard Poodle Wearing a Bichon Suit   

We all get them, the poodle owners who say, "Don't make my dog look like a poodle..." then almost in the same breath, "...but don't shave him!" My guess is you have the exact same client in your data base.

This video lesson by Kathy Rose gives you a stylish option. She turns a Poodle into a Bichon. In this case, a giant Bichon! Kathy is working on her own Standard Poodle, Taylor. His coat is extremely dense and very long.

Kathy says that the secret to this type of trim is to have the dog beautifully prepared. That means no tangles. He has to be totally blown out by hand so the coat is straight and separated. The comb needs to glide easily through the coat. She uses snap on combs or guard combs to facilitate speed and set the basic outline. She finishes the trim using super blenders and hand scissoring techniques.

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