August 11, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release

Preparing a Persian Cat for the Show Ring

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG 

Danelle German is passionate about achieving extraordinary results when grooming felines.


When she got her first cat years ago, it was a Persian. A well-bred Persian. Being competitive by nature, Danelle entered the world of cat shows in the late 90's. During her show career, she produced and showed many National and Regional Award Winning Persians. She retired from showing to focus on her feline-exclusive businesses.


Danelle is a true pioneer in the field of feline grooming. She speaks on all topics related to cat grooming and behavior. Her popular cat seminars can be found at grooming trade shows in the United States and abroad. In addition, she regularly conducts hands-on workshops around the globe.


Danelle feels this point is important. If she is going to be teaching show standard grooming on felines around the world, she must measure up to those standards herself. She has come out of "cat show" retirement three time since 2005. Being competitive ensures she stays current to the latest trends, tools, and techniques in her field.


In this video, Danelle works with her latest Persian, "Trazarra I've Been Traveling" or "Ivy." This adorable kitten will become the latest working cat within Danelle's feline businesses. Ivy comes all the way from Wendy Mieglitz of Trazarra Cattery from Victoria, Australia.


In this lesson, she takes you through the key steps needed to prepare a cat for the show ring. The end result is a glorious coat. It floats around the body of this beautiful kitten.


With the proper tools and techniques, you will be able to get similar results. It could be a show cat or beloved family pet. The results can be similar. Danelle will show you the steps you need to take to get fabulous results on any full-coated feline.  


Approximate total running time:  35 minutes    


Part 1: Pre-Bath Work  

Part 2: The Bathing Process

Part 3: The Drying Process

Part 4: Finish Grooming 


In this video you will learn:

  • the critical factor when it comes to showing a or grooming any cat.
  • the "art" of bathing a cat.
  • what to use to clean ears and eyes on a cat.
  • the ultimate goal when drying a cat.
  • what you can use to minimize static while not weighing the coat down.


It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Grooming  the Airedale Terrier 

Many groomers are intimidated by the Airedale Terrier. In all honesty, they are one of the simplest grooms to do on a larger dog. Award-winning pet stylist, In this four-part series, Tracy Duncan shows you how to do a typical shop groom on an Airedale Terrier. The Airedale Terrier was bred for general farm work. It is a breed that is durable and versatile, but there's nothing fancy about them.

Tracy states, "Nothing should draw your eye to one certain spot. Everything should flow." The key with maintaining the integrity of the breed is to make it look like it was hand-stripped. Tracy shows you tricks that will allow you to easily maintain a harsher coat texture. She identifies which blades work best in different areas of the dog and why. By the time you finish this lesson, you'll feel confident tackling the wooliest Airedale that might walk through your door. 


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