July 21, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release

Easy Ring Tail Creative Design

Dawn Omboy 

The "Queen of Color," Dawn Omboy, is back with another fun lesson. This time, she shows you how to create a ring tail design.


Dawn teaches hands-on creative grooming classes across the county. This styling technique is popular among those who are just getting started in the creative grooming arena. The design is fast and easy to do, especially with Dawn showing you how!


She keeps it super simple in this lesson - just black and white - but don't let that stop you from being more daring with color. This little dog just grew out of having a red and purple ring tail. Chose whatever colors you want and have FUN!


As Dawn reminds us, creative styling isn't always about being over the top with a design. Start small and do little things your clients are going to love.


Approximate total running time:  12 minutes   


In this video you will learn:

  • how to prevent color from going where it shouldn't.
  • which two inks will give you the "perfect black."
  • how to separate the hair so the colors don't bleed together.
  • different places to apply color.
  • how long it takes for color to set.


It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Education is at the Heart of Professional Growth
for Our Industry

As long time educators, Melissa Verplank and Michell Evans feel inspired about the opportunities available in the grooming field. They are motivated by the creative outlet their pet grooming careers allow. But at the same time, they are frustrated - very frustrated. As a whole, our industry does not place a high level of value on education. If we do not push ourselves forward with continuing education, we will never gain the respect we deserve.


In their discussion, Michell and Melissa talk about the stumbling blocks they feel are holding our industry back. They discuss the benefits of continuing education and how to find the best avenues for advanced learning. Find out what they think could be a win-win-win for everyone involved with grooming pets for a living.


Estimated Run Time:  16 minutes  

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