July 14, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release

Grooming the Grumpy Cat    

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG  


Do you groom cats in your salon? If you do, we're sure you have run into a few challenges with the grooming process. Not all cats appreciate being groomed by others. We're betting you've dealt with a few difficult ones. Angry ones. Grumpy ones.


Cats are unique. There's not much hope of reasoning with a cat. Commands? Ha! They don't respond to commands! After all...it is a cat.


They have less patience than a dog. Plus, they typically have more weapons - and they are not afraid to use them. When faced with a challenging kitty, do you press on and groom them anyway... or do you run away?


In this lesson, cat groomer extraordinaire, Danelle German takes on this feisty feline. She guides you through the entire grooming process step-by-step: pre-bath, bath, dry, and finish.


Even though this is a regular client for Danelle, it does not make her any safer to groom. Danelle has to keep her guard up every second while she works with her. Danelle is highly aware of what triggers this cat. Danelle shares many of her cat grooming secrets, not only about grooming, but also how to keep the groomer and the cat safe.


Battle wounds from being a professional cat groomer simply go with the territory. In this lesson, Danelle shows you how to do an excellent groom despite this feline's displeasure of the process. (Yes, she growls through most of the video with the exception of one procedure.)


This entire lesson is filled with great tips and tricks. This L2GD lesson features real grooming on a typical cat - just like you'd see in your salon. As she works, Danelle tells you the products and tools she uses to get top-notch results. Many of the items featured in this lesson can be from on her website.


Plus we've added a bonus Mini Lesson to this video: How to Removing a Grumpy Cat from a Carrier & Grooming Pre-Assessment.


Approximate total running time:  60 minutes   


Part 1:  Bonus Mini Lesson - How to Remove a Grumpy Cat from a Carrier and Grooming Pre-Assessment
Part 2:  Pre-Bath Work
Part 3:  The Bathing Process
Part 4:  The Drying Process
Part 5:  Finish Grooming


 In this video you will learn:

  • the #1 thing you need to have when grooming cats.
  • how to keep a cat under control when trimming nails.
  • the most important thing to use when bathing a cat.
  • why you might choose to do different sani clips on certain cats.
  • how long you have before a cat's tolerance limit pops like a turkey timer.


It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Introducing a Puppies to Grooming

In this video lesson, Sue works with a typical Poodle puppy. It is critical that the first grooming experiences be positive lessons. You will either create a dog that is pleasant to groom all its life - or - it could become a monster for future haircuts. Sue shows you how to successfully start a young dog with the grooming process.


This is a typical puppy. He is not particular fond of many of the routine tasks Sue asks him to accept. He struggles. He squeals. He hops around. He nibbles on fingers. Sue does a beautiful job showing you how to gently work with a young dog - no matter what the breed.


What is the #1 thing most puppies object to? Giving up control. Many get pretty upset. And this youngster doesn't disappoint us. He proves to be a perfect demonstration pup for this lesson! Watch as Sue works through this little guy's emotional frustrations in a manner that does not trigger a total meltdown.


All puppies have important lessons to learn. Sue has many rules when it comes to introducing any puppy to the grooming process: Be patient. Be persistent. Don't give up. Always end on a positive note. Don't push a young dog beyond what it is capable of dealing with.


No - the first groom may not be beautiful. That's OK. Your job is to not give up on the puppy. It's more important give it a positive grooming experience to build upon so you win it's trust and cooperation with future groomings.


Estimated Run Time:  36 minutes  

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