June 23, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
How to Remove Mats & Tangles in the Tub  
Judy Hudson, NCMG 

Why would you demat a severely matted dog? Isn't just shaving it down and starting over easier? Highly respected pet stylist, Judy Hudson, hears this all the time. According to Judy, "Bald dogs don't get groomed very often." So true.


Judy didn't start doing this technique just to impress her customers. Nope. She did it because she hated working on dirty dogs. It ended up working so well, she routinely utilizes this salvage technique in her daily grooms. Luckily, the majority of Judy's clientele is very regular. She rarely has to resort to this technique to save a coat, but when she does, this is an ace card she can pull out.


Not every pet is a good candidate for this technique. The pet has to be cooperative. But more importantly, the owner has to appreciate it - and be willing to pay for it.


This is a fabulous time saving technique. Dematting a severely matted dog in the tub works brilliantly when done correctly. If you have water, shampoo and conditioner, are ready to do some wet brushing, and have a high velocity dryer to remove the tangles, you're all set.


When Judy is done, the dog has been 75% to 80% dematted in the tub. It is relatively easy on the dog compared to traditional brush-out methods. By working on a wet coat, you also reduce coat damage and breakage. When done properly, it's also very easy on the skin.


Close Up

We do want to caution you, this is a very advanced technique. It is not for beginning groomers. You need to have very strong technical skills combined with excellent dog handling abilities before you attempt this technique in the tub.


If you think our Training Partners don't work on challenging dogs - this lesson proves differently! This is real grooming just like you see every day in your salon.



Judy kicks this lesson off with a short mini lesson on pet handling. Although this dog does not get groomed very often, it is still very loved - and spoiled - at home. This combination can be an issue for professional pet groomers.


Judy gives you some great training tips at the start of the lesson. This quick obedience lesson helps Judy set the stage for more positive grooming experience.



Even though Judy did some basic obedience prior to grooming, this little dog continues to whine throughout the entire lesson. As she goes through the bathing and dematting process, Judy gives you tips on how to keep the whining from accelerating to a point of an unruly grooming candidate.


(Have you seen the "after" grooming lesson on this dog once we got her dematted? Check out Judy Hudson's L2GD How to Start an Asian Influenced Trim on a Chocolate Poodle Mix). 


Approximate total running time:  26 minutes 


In this video you will learn:

  • how to minimize discomfort.
  • how to deal with a whiny dog.
  • how to get the ears and face squeaky clean.
  • how to brush while in the tub and not cause skin injuries.
  • how to work with a high velocity dryer in the tub to remove mats.


It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

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