June 2, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
Recognizing Opportunities in the Changing Times
Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG   

Danelle German's husband, Mike, tells her all the time that she is an "empire builder."  She loves to find challenges.  Climb mountains.  Her success has led her to be a cat woman extraordinaire.  She has started 7 businesses in just 16 years, all revolving around goods and services for grooming cats.


Her passion is contagious.  In addition to running her feline business empire, Danelle is a world traveler.  She loves teaching enthusiasts how to groom felines and run a successful cat grooming business. 


This is an inspiring conversation where Danelle simply shares her thoughts on business.  How she got started in the cat grooming business.  Her ideas on what it takes to grow a successful business.  How she stays open to opportunities as they present themselves.  As well as the driving force that keeps Danelle German motivated. 


There are so many golden motivational nuggets in this lesson, it's inspiring to just sit back and listen!  The thoughts and ideas in presented here cross over between dogs and cats.  If you think of yourself as a "go getter," you'll definitely want to catch this lesson!


Approximate total running time:  23 minutes     


In this video you will learn:

  • why she doesn't have some of her first businesses anymore.
  • what to do when obstacles get in your way.
  • why the hard lessons are the best lessons.
  • how technology has influenced her in business.
  • why it's important to re-evaluate what you are currently doing.
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From the Archives!  

How to Find Dogs for Certification Testing or Competition     

Even the pros had to start somewhere.  Have you ever wondered what it takes to
become an award-winning stylist? 

In this lesson, find out how Lindsey got her foot in the door, the dog door, that is!  She'll tell you how she found dogs for certification, how she made sure the pet owners felt like a valued part of the team, and the homework needed to get to the top.

Did it take hard work?  You bet. 

Was it worth it?  Definitely.


Estimated Run Time:  15 minutes  

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