May 12, 2015 Newsletter
New Video Release
Talking to Pet Owners About Handstripping
Amy Triezenberg 

How many times has an owner called and requested handstripping for their dog? Did you get the feeling that the owner only asked because the breeder "told them that's what their pet needed?"  Even though the pet owner doesn't really know what handstripping is, he thinks this process is his only option... but is it?


In this lesson, award-winning pet stylist, Amy Triezenberg tackles this dilemma. She has a simple - yet effective - series of talking points when educating owners about handstripping. She even demonstrates a fabulous visual aid. This aid really helps owners understand the process in terms that are easy to understand.


Once Amy has met the dog and spoken with the owners, she can start discussing options for their pet. She reminds us that not every dog is a candidate for handstripping. Sometimes the owner's pocketbook is not ready to handle the cost of handstripping, either.  What options does the owner have? Amy will spell it out for you.


The key is to get everybody is on the same page. Amy does a great job of breaking this process down and making it easy for everyone.


Approximate total running time:  18 minutes     


In this video you will learn:

  • what factors come into play when contemplating handstripping a coat.
  • how can you tell if the coat has been clipped or scissored.
  • what grooming terminology the owner doesn't need to understand.
  • why owners cannot "pick" a length for their handstripped pet.
  • available options aside from a full handstrip.

It's like having a private coach right in your computer every month!

From the Archives!  

Creative Styling: Quick & Easy Nail Art for Dogs   

Nail art is the rage these days. It's amazing what types of designs nail technicians come up with for people. Why should dogs be any different?

Fancy nails aren't just for Poodles anymore! Creative styling whiz, Angela Kumpe shows you some fast, easy and fun ways to bling up nails on any dog. Clients love them. And some of them last for months!



Estimated Run Time:  17 minutes  

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